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Writing Quality Books on Kindle

Updated on January 31, 2017

Kindle self-publishing is an excellent platform for an author to share their expertise with the world. Amazon has its guideline to ensure that the books published are both useful and of high-quality content. This article will highlight some of the aspects one should take into account when writing, editing and publishing the book. The factors are geared towards empowering one to develop a high-quality product that will be marketable and profitable.


Some people use the help of freelance writers. These can be found on platforms such as Upwork. Others use professional writing companies. All these are avenues one can utilize to come up with the content of the book. However, one should ensure that the channel used will be able to develop high-quality content.

Kindle Direct Publishing has a reputation of high-quality products. Therefore, for a book to be published, it must attain certain levels of quality standards. For this reason, the quality of the content should bebeyond reproach.

Table of Content

The table of content is more than the face of the book. It educates the user on the valuable content of the book. It is the ‘movie trailer’ of the book. This is because its main aim is to get the reader interested in clicking on the book and the particular sections of the book that the user deems useful.

Traditionally, after identifying an exciting chapter, one had to scroll down to that particular page. This is now outdated and cumbersome. Therefore, Amazon is encouraging the writers to format the book in such a way that a reader can just click on the table of content and access the chapter they are interested in. This makes it easy to read the book. It also increases the appeal of the book to the reader.


Images enhance the visual appeal of a book. Most social psychologists have proved that a reader is will most likely click on the book which is more visually appealing. Even when dealing with the content, users report that they enjoy reading a book with images that are both relevant and visually attractive.

Therefore, it is advisable to include pictures in the book. They entertain the reader and keep their attention on the book. This will encourage them to look forward to more of your work. However, one should be careful to use relevant pictures. Stuffing a book with images can lead to penalization by Amazon.

Ensure that the pictures are clear, readable and of high quality. It is advisable to use the highest quality of pictures when importing them onto the book. This ensures that the images in the book are high-quality and enhances the value of the book.

Some writers scan their physical books for Kindle publishing. This makes their images blurry. The text is also illegible. This lowers the quality of the entire book. Such book risks being penalized and being removed from sale by the Amazon publishing site. All in all, Kindle publishing allows for the scanning of books such as children’s books, comics and manga.

Quality of the Cover

The cover of the book creates the first impression on the potential user. Its quality will determine whether a use will click onto the book. Therefore, it is important to invest adequate time and effort in coming up with a book cover that communicates quality and stimulates interest in the reader. Some of the things to take into account include a high-quality image. Also, ensure that the margins of the book cover are not too big.

Common Errors

There are two types of errors made by writers which compromise the quality of the work:

• Critical Issues

• Destructive Issues

The Critical Issues are the errors that writers make that risk the product from being withdrawn from sale or being sent to be corrected. These errors make a book to be considered as unusable or incomplete.

The Destructive Issues are the errors that distract the reader. The distract the thought flow of the user. This causes an unpleasant experience for the reader. It might even affect their judgement on whether to access other work from the same author. When a book has a minimal number of critical and destructive issues, it might still be available for sale. However, it remains with the error warning signs until the corrections are made.

The Length of the Book

There was a time when writers could write short marketable books. However, in the present day that strategy is no longer functional. Kindle publishing advice the writers to write a book with a minimum of eight thousand words. This ensures that the book is not only high quality but also has enough content for the user.

Review the work for Highest Quality

It is important for an author to ensure that their work is free of quality issues before publishing. There are a number of platforms that can help one to review their content quality. Kindle Previewer is one of the trusted platforms that can help an author to ascertain that their work is of the highest quality possible.

The Kindle Previewer so helps in identifying the unsupported characters in a text. These can be jumbled characters, square boxes, accent marks, strings and so on. The previewer contributes to identifying these destructive issues for correction before publishing.

Content to Avoid

• Content that is available on the web freely unless you are the copyright owner.

• Content aimed at marketing or advertising.

• Content similar to other published books.

• Content that is too short to carry any viable meaning.

• Poorly translated content.

All the above lower the quality of your product. They also impair the quality of the writer and their brand.


Developing a high-quality book is a benefit to the writer. This is because it helps the writer to build a reputable brand that can be trusted by the readers. Poor quality can ruin the career of a writer as the book will create a tainted perception of the writer.


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 11 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I have five books on Amazon thanks to CreateSpace. The biggest problem for me with self-publishing is self-editing. I still find errors and I've used four different proof-readers. Paying for editing services is worth it if you can afford it.