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Writing The Foreward And The Preface

Updated on October 18, 2015



The Word Foreword

Foreword is part a book.

Forward is action.

What Is A Forward?

A foreward is placed in the book by the author or by someone else. The same can not be said for the preface, which will be explained later.

A foreword can be placed before the writing in the book to explain that this book has been changed from the original. So, this one can be a different edition of the book.

The foreword can also be information added that was thought of as relevant to the story. This is not the prelude to the story. The information that is added could be about what is going on in the book.

A third thing the foreword could be about is a note that this book is not the same as the other books by this author.

The author could talk about the book in terms of fact finding, give special thanks and acknowledge people.

What Is The Preface?

The preface is the part of the book where the author signs the note that is written to the reader.

This can be a poem to the reader. This is a personal introduction to the book or another book written by this author.

The book itself can be explained in the preface.


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