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Writing Theme Person VS Technology

Updated on October 27, 2015



Being Bad

The antagonist gets some scary new high tech toys. The conflict happens when the main character comes into some sort of battle with the antagonist with money or patrons.

Most often the item can be upgraded to match what the protagonists weapons are currently.


Batman and The Joker. Sometimes, The Joker has some new high tech toys for completing his chaos. Even using low tech toys, seem to stump Batman.


Iron Man has a lot of toys but when someone else has toys that can defeat him, they wait until they are defeated maybe even years later.

In comic books, the hero usually wins eventually.

Gaining Power

The antagonist has to gain power, somehow. This can happen by the parents being rich.


Lex Luthor gained the money to get new tech from his dead parents and whatever investments he is currently holding. This guy uses money to go against Superman, just because. Does he think he can defeat Superman? No. This guy could care less if he wins as long as gets to try all his toys, once.

Other example of gaining power would be the Megaton gaining a new power source on Earth or outer space that was thought to not work. The power-up is more about fighting with the Autobots than taking over Earth.

Technology Wins

In the Terminator movies, technology tries to fight against the human race. This is done because the human race does not do a controlled test run of the software. The concept can come from someone (a human or more humans) in the original timeline not liking humanity: since technology does not upgrade itself.

I know, people are saying what about artificial intelligence? The computer will learn on its own. Has your computer ever upgrade its self from Windows to a Linux system or the reverse? Skynet would have to split into two parts to communicate with the another hardware. It would have to split again to communicate with other hardware that are not Windows and LInux. I am saying this because Skynet is said to infected computers thought software.

The technology is winning in this one.

Influenced by Tech

This might be said of the movie, I Robot. The people rely on the technology to do small tasks for them. They learn to treat the technology as pets or as servants. They influenced to treat the robot as if it actually real thing.

The tech takes over common tasks that a maid or a person could do on their own.


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