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Writing Thoughts: Courtesy of a Writer Just Like You

Updated on July 22, 2020
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Writing Thoughts: Tips and tricks I've learned about writing over the years, from setting up a story to building a novel.

Courtesy of a Writer Just Like You

When I sit down to write, the first thing that comes to mind is story. For most of us, writing begins with a vague idea in your head. Maybe it begins with a set of images, an exciting feeling of wonder, or the feeling that this idea could be something beautiful. Maybe one day you want to share this idea with the world!

However, if you're anything like me, you'll find there's a wide chasm between having a vague and glittering story idea and putting words on a page. Harder still, those words need to have enough style, story, plot, and beauty to match up to the physical manifestation of that idea in your head. Or, as I like to call it: a novel.

What is Story?

Story is everything. Everything. Chances are that you've read dozens of them growing up. You've danced with dreams in your mind and now you want to write them down? Fantastic! That's the perfect place to start.

I start with an idea and an urge to create. Then I take it page by page, scene by scene, and conversation by conversation, all the while focusing on the finer points of story.

But what's story? Story exists in many places, and the most popular ones are easy to find. Look at a NY Times Bestseller list. Look at the top grossing films for this year or the most pirated HBO TV show in history (despite its dismal end), and you'll find it. Story is any series of events, real or fictional, that spark interest. Humanity craves stories, and if you crave creating those vessels of wonder, you've just entered into the oldest profession in humanity. Congratulations!

The next step is writing the idea down. Your story can't go anywhere if it lives in your head. I can't see the subtle lighting and graceful nuances of your vision from my comfy chair at home, curled up with a cup of tea and my favorite blanket, as much as I might want to. First, you need a novel.

So where to begin? How do you take that feeling and press it into the page until your reader's eyes scan the ink, your vision flashing across their mind like the most magical movie of all?

In short, that's craft.

What is Craft?

What is craft? The finer points of a story, little details and tiles that piece together the mosaic of your idea. Like any obsessed story lover, I'm full to the brim of ideas for novels, stories, characters, scenes, etc. Some of those thoughts are about the finer points of story: writing, craft, and all the little stepping-stones in between.

My goal here is to share those thoughts with you, to see if you can make heads or tails of them, or even use what I've learned to help you write your own novel.

Why? I've learned something recently which defies the naturally introverted nature of the writer: you can't create in a vacuum. Fortunately, the creative community is one of the most wholesome and heartwarming groups of people out there.


Welcome to my tiny little piece of that community, where I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, someone who's a bit like me and wants to learn.

Why Write?

Writing can be incredibly heart-wrenching and personal. Anyone who's ever posted their work to the critics of the world can understand the kind of scrutiny you have to expose yourself to as a writer and a person. It can be a difficult art to master, and though writing tends to attract the introverts and the dreamers, there's no rule saying you have to be in this alone! I want to open up this community to writers, readers, and dreamers alike, anyone who can appreciate the mechanics and art behind every good story.

Faith Indigo

A Writer Just Like You

Hello, lovely readers! I've spent the last ten or so years writing with every second of my spare time, and as I dig deeper into honing my craft and figuring out what makes a story, I realize I have notes upon notes and insight that can only be gained with practice, time, and years of study. I want to share what I've learned with someone a bit like you, someone who has a passion for the written word, and who holds a special place in their heart for stories across any and all mediums.

I enjoy breaking down the writing process, no matter the genre, and getting to the meat of writing. Learning craft, the elements of story, fleshing out characters, creating a meaningful story, and on and on and on, I want to break it down and share with you the tips and tricks I use to keep the words flowing.

It's a challenging business, creating something from nothing, with only the written word and centuries of seeing it done to guide you. Here I'll give you a closer look at all the pieces that make a story, in the hopes that you can take a piece of my hard earned knowledge and put it to use in your own writing. Welcome to the Indigo Writes community!

Happy reading and happy writing, lovely humans!

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