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Brainstorming Writing Topics & How to Brainstorm with Examples

Updated on April 14, 2011

Brainstorming is a very simple way to get your ideas flowing.

  • There are many ways to brainstorm, however within this hub, I will demonstrate an example of how to brainstorm the topic, writing.
  • Don't worry if you don't understand it, you can bookmark it for reference!
  • There are also other ways to brainstorm your creative writing ideas.
  • Some videos are included for these other brainstorming methods.

Step 1: Topic

The first step is to start with the topic. If you can't find your own topic to start with, use this example to start. Start with the topic, "Writing."

  • Writing:

At the top of your page, write down your own topic.

Step 2: The Subtopic

The next step, the subtopic,the middle-man, so-to-speak. This is where your topic takes its leap forward into the subtopic. I'll use "Brainstorming" for the example.

Writing: Brainstorming

Next to the topic that you've written, put a colon and then your subtopic beside it.

Step 3: Sub- and Super-Topics

The third step is to create Sub- and Super-topics.

Writing: Brainstorming: Sub-Brainstorming

This focuses on the relationships of the subtopic "Brainstorming" relates to the main topic "Writing." Write down as many known relationships as you can or deem fit.

Writing: Brainstorming: Super-Brainstorming

This focuses on new ideas and not-yet formed relationships. Write down all ideas related to brainstorming and make them relate to anything you can think of.

Divide your page into 2 sections to do this step.The first section will be dedicated to sub-topics. The second section will be dedicated to super-topics. In the above examples, I've used Sub- and Super-Brainstorming.

Step 4: Moving forward with your ideas.

How should you relate your ideas to this? Get another sheet of paper (you might need 5-10 sheets of paper, or more.) If you remember back in school when you had a list of things to the left and a corresponding list to the right and had to draw a line to the "correct" answer, this will be easy for you. If not it will be easy for you too.

Select any idea from your brainstorm exercise and draw a line from that idea to the next idea to the next and to the following. Pretty soon you'll not only have the brainstormed ideas, but more-so the beginnings of outline that will contain much of what you'd like to write about.

Brainstorming at Google NYC

Another Brainstorming Video


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