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100 Science Essay Topics

Updated on October 4, 2014

This hub provides suggestions on various topics of science and technology. A must read for every essay enthusiast who would like to indulge in science.


This picture shows the complexity and sophistication of robotics we've achieved
This picture shows the complexity and sophistication of robotics we've achieved | Source

World's most advanced humanoid robots


  1. RIA Robotics Online
  2. IEEE Robotics
  3. NASA Robotics

(Click link to go to reference site)

1. Why has science progressed so far in the past couple of decades?

2. What are prosthetic body parts and how do they help the disabled?

3. How do quad rotors fly and how to build one?

4. How do autonomous vehicles sense the environment?

5. How has the robotic industry improved the production process in industries?

6. How are microchips built?

7. Is it better for government departments to undergo research or is outsourcing the best alternative?

8. Evolution of robotics.

9. How have domestic bots like cleaning and dish washing bots reduced the workload for the households?

10. How are airplanes and spaceships some of the biggest marvels of robotics till date?

11. How are water-proof robotic parts made?

12. Have private sector small scale industries shown most progress in robotic technology than the government organizations?

Medicine And Treatment

Automated bots have become an important aspect of today's medical procedures
Automated bots have become an important aspect of today's medical procedures | Source

Brief video which shows how chemotherapy works


1. What is organ donation and why is it considered a noble act?

2. In what circumstances can a body be rejected for medical research?

3. How are medicines built? How is the composition of each tablet controlled?

4. What steps does one need to take in case of skin burn?

5. What are different degrees of skin burns and what preventive measures must be taken in each case?

6. How do astronauts produce oxygen in the space shuttle in the space?

7. What are the side effects of consuming excessive medicines?

8. How does electric shock bring a dead heart back to life?

9. Should doctors provide free of cost treatment?

10. Key impacts of scientific development on medicines and health.

11. How has chemotherapy helped in combating a life threatening disease like cancer?

12. Do you think over-caring parents tend to lessen the immunity of their children?

Space Exploration

An astronaut working on his equipment in the outer space
An astronaut working on his equipment in the outer space | Source

Deep Space Disasters


1. How large is the space? Is the space expanding or contracting?

2. Were the 1969 U.S. moon landings fake? Is there any proof of the landings being a hoax?

3. How do space shuttles combat the extreme heat during reentry into the earth's atmosphere?

4. What are some strange facts about the Mars exploration?

5. Is the moon a part of the Pacific Ocean? What proofs do such claims have?

6. Why do meteors show such shiny trails?

7. What are asteroids and how are they different from planets?

8. What could be the impacts of a big asteroid crashing into the earth? Could it be catastrophic?

9. Is it possible to land on the sun?

10. Does the moon revolve around the Earth under Earth's gravity or is the motion influenced by the Sun and other planets as well?

11. Do private organizations like SpaceX stand as the pioneer of outer space exploration in the current era?

12. What are space debris and why does it pose to be a strong problem?

Internet And The Information Age


How does the internet work?

1. How has internet changed the course of human history?

2. How has sharing of information become easier since the arrival of internet?

3. What is cyber crime and why is it a serious issue?

4. What has been the impact of social networking sites on the people in the current age?

5. Does the internet help in promoting terrorism in any form?

6. Importance of computer education in the current world.

7. How have e-books replaced hard copy books?

8. How justified is it to call the current era 'Information age'?

9. Has the introduction of internet improved the quality of education in the past decade?

10. The banking sector has seen major improvements due to internet. Justify.

11. Why is it easier to rob a bank using internet than going to the bank and doing it?

12. Are software engineers worth the billions of money they are paid?

13. Have sensitive topics like pornography received undue popularity and outreach due to internet?

14. Internet is the most powerful tool in the hands of any country. Explain.

Electronic Devices And Daily Appliances

Tablets have become a necessity now a days
Tablets have become a necessity now a days | Source

Concept mobile phones: future at a glance


1. What has been the effect of the electronic revolution in the current world?

2. Have mobile phones become an inevitable necessity?

3. Impact of Steve Jobs' Apple Corporation on the progress of phones and tablets in the 20th century.

4. Have electric guitars subsided the awesomeness of acoustic guitars?

5. Do laptops share the danger of exposing the users to harmful radiation?

6. Advantages and disadvantages of portable laptops to bulky personal computers.

7. How would life be if the domestic electronic items were unavailable?

8. Harmful effects of using cell phones a lot.

9. How does the smartphone's maps detect the direction by using the earth's magnetic field?

10. Have headphones and headsets caused more harm than luxury?

11. Why has China been the sole ruler of the electronics manufacturer industry?

12. There have been reported cases of cell phone blasts leading to casualty. Isn't this life threat grave enough to stop using phones?


Interested in topics apart from Science and Technology? Here's the link to my hub on 'Essay Topics for Beginners'. This hub features topics on science, TV series, education, conservation of earth, health issues, religious and philosophical issues and relationships.

Earth and Nature

The fight to protect Mother Earth from decaying will continue forever.
The fight to protect Mother Earth from decaying will continue forever. | Source

The History of Earth

1. What exactly is the Earth's shape and why is it so?

2. Why is life only on earth and not on any other planet?

3. Why are the mountain ranges concentrated in certain regions on the planet?

4. How do deep sea divers manage to breathe and withstand such atrocious conditions at such great depths?

5. Which are some of the most beautiful places on the earth?

6. Have the scientific achievements in the past few decades sent the Earth on a course to destruction?

7. What is an eclipse and does it have any religious significance?

8. Why are some volcanoes dormant while some are active?

9. What is the primary reason behind natural disasters like tsunamis?

10. Are the nuclear warheads the biggest threat to the survival of the earth?

11. Which mountain ranges would you prefer while going out on solo treks?

12. Which adventure sports share the greatest dangers to the sportsman's life?

Do you feel Mother Nature has been dealt an irreplaceable damage since the advent of industrialization?

See results

Travel And Transport

Traveling has panned out to be one of the major stress busters for working people over the years
Traveling has panned out to be one of the major stress busters for working people over the years | Source

Vietnam Travel and Tourism


  1. Incredible India
  2. Travel Directory
  3. America Tourism

(Click link to go to reference site)

1. Why is public transport preferred more than private transport?

2. Why do many people tend to have sea sickness while traveling on ships?

3. A huge amount of money is spent on thousands of business jets every year. Is it justified to spend such huge funds?

4. Which are some of the most beautiful places to visit on the earth?

5. What are some necessary precautions while going out for any tour?

6. Would you prefer traveling by bus or by train and why?

7. The Chinese built the fastest train on the earth - Bullet. Why couldn't the other nation's pull off such a venture?

8. Is it justified to say that the extremely strict rules on passport and VISA have hindered traveling in and out of the United States of America?

9. Traveling through terrorism-ridden countries has been a bad experience for a lot of travelers. Should the international organizations like the UN interfere into matters like this?

10. An article on the '7 wonders of the world'.

11. Why have tourism opportunities still been untapped in the African continent?

12. What are some measures to avoid the discomfort of sea-sickness?

Energy Crisis And Its Alternatives

Wind energy has offered a feasible way out of this energy crisis.
Wind energy has offered a feasible way out of this energy crisis. | Source

Britain's Energy Crisis: A Short Documentary

1. What is energy crisis and what are the main reasons behind it?

2. How can the problem of shortage of electricity be sorted out?

3. Why does hydro-power offer a better alternative than coal or any other natural resourse?

4. Solar energy is one of the most promising alternatives for energy. What are the problems in doing so?

5. What is the Greenhouse effect? How do we avoid it's affects?

6. If energy is indestructible, then why is there an energy crisis?

7. What are the remedies of energy crisis?

8. When did the energy crisis start and how long back does the origin trace back?

9. Which organizations are the closest to solving the global energy crisis?

10. What are the main reasons for the USA to be an energy crisis despite owning huge oil reserves?

11. Nuclear Energy. Its advantages and disadvantages.

12. How do windmills work?

13. Why are there hot springs inside the earth? How can energy be harnesses through them?

14. Why is it difficult, but not impossible to live without electricity?


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