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Definition of Homophones (with examples)

Updated on September 6, 2014


Homophones: Words pronounced the same but are different in spelling and meaning. Example: pair (couple) and pear (fruit)


The following is a list of some common homophones.

A - E

Abject / Object
Ball / Bawl
Capital / Capitol
Days / Daze
Earn / Urn
Accept / Except
Band / Banned
Carrot / Caret/ Carat / Karat
Dear / Deer
Elicit / Illicit
Ad / Add
Be / Bee
Cell / Sell
Descent / Dissent
Ewe / You
Adverse / Averse
Bear / Bare
Cent / Scent / Sent
Desert / Dessert
Eye / I
Advice (rhymes with ice) / Advise (rhymes with lies)
Billed / Build
Census / Senses
Dew / Do / Due
Affect / Effect
Blew / Blue
Cereal / Serial
Die / Dye
All ready / Already
Board / Bored
Chews / Choose
Discreet / Discrete
Allowed / Aloud
Bow (b-ow ) / Bough
Chute / Shoot
Doe / Dough
Allude / Elude
Bow (b-oh ) / Bō / Beau
Clothes / Close
Allusion / Illusion
Boy / Buoy
Complement / Compliment
Amoral / Immoral
Brake / Break
Conscious / Conscience
Ant / Aunt
Beach / Beech
Creak / Creek
Ante / Anti
Bye / By / Buy
Cymbal / Symbol
Are / Our
Assure / Ensure / Insure
Ante / Anti
Ate / Eight

F - J

Fair / Fare
Gnu / Knew / New
Hale / Hail
Idle / Idol / Idyl
Jam / Jamb
Faze / Phase
Gored / Gourd
Hall / Haul
In / Inn
Jeans / Genes
Feat / Feet
Gorilla / Guerrilla
Hare / Hair
Incite / Insight
Fir / Fur
Grate / Great
Heal / Heel / He'll
Imminent / Immanent / Eminent
Flea / Flee
Grays / Graze
Heard / Herd
Its / It's
Flew / Flu / Flue
Hew / Hue
Flower / Flour
Hi / High
For / Four / Fore
Higher / Hire
Foreword / Forward
Him / Hymn
Forth / Fourth
Hoarse / Horse
Foul / Fowl
Hole / Whole
Frees / Freeze
Hour / Our
"Knight" not "Night"
"Knight" not "Night"

K - O

Knead / Need / Kneed
Lead / Led
Meat / Meet
Nays / Neighs
One / Won
Knight / Night
Leased / Least
Maid / Made
No / Know
Or / Oar / Ore
Knows / Nose / No's
Lesson / Lessen
Maize / Maze
None / Nun
Overdo / Overdue
Links / Lynx
Male / Mail
Not / Knot / Naught
Load / Lode
Medal / Meddle
Loan / Lone
Mince / Mints
Locks / Lox
Miner / Minor
Loot / Lute
Mist / Missed
Lye / Lie
Morning / Mourning
Muscle / Mussel
Must / Mussed

P - T

Paced / Paste
Quarts / Quartz
Rain / Reign / Rein
Sail / Sale
Tacks / Tax
Pail / Pale
Quince / Quints
Rap / Wrap
Sea / See
Tale / Tail
Pain / Pane
Rays / Raise / Raze
Seam / Seem
Taught / Taut
Pair / Pare / Pear
Read / Reed
Seas / Sees / Seize
Tea / Tee
Passed / Past
Read / Reed
Seen / Scene
Teas / Tease / Tees
Patience / Patients
Real / Reel
Sense / Cents
Tents / Tense
Pause / Paws
Red / Read
Sew / So / Sow
There / Their / They're
Peace / Piece
Reek / Wreak
Shoe / Shoo
Threw / Through
Peak / Peek / Pique
Rest / Wrest
Sighed / Side
Throne / Thrown
Pedal / Peddle
Review / Revue
Sighs / Size
Tide / Tied
Peel / Peal
Ring / Wring
Sight / Site / Cite
Tighten / Titan
Peer / Pier
Rite / Right / Write
Slay / Sleigh
To / Too / Two
Plain / Plane
Road / Rode / Rowed
Soar / Sore
Toe / Tow
Plum / Plumb
Role / Roll
Soared / Sword
Toed / Towed / Toad
Praise / Prays / Preys
Root / Route
Sod / Sawed
Told / Tolled
Presents / Presence
Rose / Rows
Sole / Soul
Tract / Tracked
Principal / Principle
Rote / Wrote
Son / Sun
Trust / Trussed
Prince / Prints
Row / Roe
Some / Sum
Rye / Wry
Spade / Spayed
Staid / Stayed
Stair / Stare
Stake / Steak
Stationary / Stationery
Steal / Steel
Straight / Strait
Sundae / Sunday
Surf / Serf
Swayed / Suede

U - Y

Use / Ewes
Vein / Vane
Wade / Weighed
Yoke / Yolk
Verses / Versus
Wail / Whale
You'll / Yule
Vial / Vile
Waist / Waste
Your / You're / Yore
Vice / Vise
Wait / Weight
Waive / Wave
Ware / Wear / Where
Warn / Worn
Way / Weigh / Whey
We / Wee
Weather / Whether
Weld / Welled
We'll / Wheel
We've / Weave
Weak / Week
When / Wen
Which / Witch
Whose / Who's
Wine / Whine
Wood / Would
Worst / Wurst

Learn More ...

I hope this has been of use to you. You can learn more by following the links below.

  • Homonyms (Words that same sound and often have the same spelling, but different meanings.)
  • Heteronyms (Words spelled the same but differ in pronunciation and meaning.)
  • Homographs (Words spelled alike but different in meaning.)


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