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Writing a Book Review - Choosing Keywords

Updated on April 22, 2012

Step 1. The Easy and Obvious first

Clearly there are some really obvious keywords your pretty much obligated to use if you want to attract traffic to your book review. Let's list them here to make sure you've got most of them locked down:

  • Book Title
  • Book Author (and any co-authors)
  • Book Illustrator (and any co-illistrators)
  • Book Publisher
  • Book editor (if one is listed)
  • the Edition of the book you're reviewing
  • If the book is part of a Series, include that too
  • Names of the Main Characters
  • Genre/Industry
  • Niche, Sub-Genre or Specialty
  • Date the book was published

Step 2. Less Obvious Keywords

Some of these keywords and keyphrases might be obvious to some, while they may be complete surprises to others. Either way, I've found them generally useful for increasing traffic.

  • Chapter names
  • Quotes from main characters
  • Inspirational quotes from inspirational characters
  • Quotes from the author (usually for non-fiction books)
  • "How to's" (If the book you reviewed teaches something, then the keyphrase would be "how to do house painting", or "how to build a birdhouse", etc...)
  • "How do you's" (the theory is the same as the "how to's" keyphrases)
  • "Where can I find..." ("books about business"...)
  • "Did you know..." ("that painting can be easier if you..")

Step 3. Reach Further

You'll want to be careful about not using too many keywords and keyphrases, though if you have the room for a few more keywords or keyphrase's, you can reach further out to a wider audience and help create that evergreen review that helps keep a book relevant.

Try creating some extra tags out of:

  • Similar Genre's
  • Similar Subjects or Industries
  • Tie it into educational subjects that people might seek out later for research
  • Connect the book to any cliche's, rationalizations or stereotypes that are relevant
  • Research the main demographic of people that have abundantly purchased the book you reviewed or books in similar genres/categories and use targeted keywords and keyphrases that they commonly use when searching for information
  • List the price range and direct price of the book you review, as well as using keyphrases like "books for less than $xx" or "books about xxxx xxxx for less than $xx".


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    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 5 years ago from Seattle

      Awww! you are so sweet Millionaire Tips! Thanks for the HubLOVE =)

    • suzzycue profile image

      Susan Britton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Bizgengirl thanks for taking the time to write about keyword phrases. I had no idea that we could group words together for keywords. Yes I am still green around the edges but I am learning through Hubpages and hubbers like you. Thanks again. Keep writing I appreciate the help.

    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 5 years ago from Georgia

      Hello Bizgengirl, I read your article after seeing the suggestion for reading in Millionaire Tips' article. He was right. This is great information to consider when writing a review. I thought I had the keywords covered, but you gave me suggestions for drilling down even further. Well done!

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA

      I really appreciate that you took the time to explain keywords for me. There was a lot I was missing. I have included this hub in the list of my favorite hubs for the month.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA

      Wow, I am so glad I asked. I was missing the date on my newer books, but much more importantly, you have helped me figure out how to use keywords. People say to use them, but this concrete example really helps me know how to use them. Voted up and bookmarking.

    • Silwen profile image

      Silwen 5 years ago from Europe

      Thank you. Very useful tips. At the moment I am planing to write a review on 1984 by George Orwell in one of my blogs, so your tips came strictly in time.

    • elnavann profile image

      elnavann 5 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks - this was interesting. I intend to do some book reviews and would probably just have jumped in and started and your article made me think a little more about how to reach the audience

    • Gladys Familaran profile image

      Gladys Familaran 5 years ago

      Bizgengirl, this is very useful. Thanks for posting this. I was planning to write a book review but didn't know where to start. Now I have an idea. Thanks to you. :)