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Writing a Hub with a Smartphone

Updated on May 9, 2013

Ever try creating a hub that is worth the time and effort using an Iphone or other smartphone? If you have, in short order, the apparent deficiencies of all smartphones are exposed. The missing link for any smartphone is the keyboard. This is why computers of any genre will never become obsolete, it is their holy grail.

Even had I not been limited to 340 characters, my nimble fingers that are muy rapido on a keyboard, crawl on the hunt and peck keyboard of my smartphone. The keys are part of the problem, they can only be so big on the phone. One wrong angle or touch, the letter wanted becomes the unwanted. Then, the smartphones try to guess what you are typing by helping you complete the word, or the word it thinks you are trying to spell. Sometimes, it insists on the word that you don't want or gives you some foreign word that is similar. What is up with that? Annoying. All of this tends to slow you down and frustrate you. In order to conserve the precious character limit, you start to acronym or super abbreviate, like, instead of, "what are you doing", or write "wat r u doing"? The latter saves 4 characters! Can one shorten this even more and still is understandable? I doubt it.

Then there is always the possibility that after you have finally completed it, there is a connection snafu between the phone and "cloud" out there. That really makes your day should it occur.

Still, what could one write that is only 360 characters? I suppose, some hubbers out there may have a mini-keyboard of some sort that works with the phone. But even that, being it is a mini version of the real thing, while faster than the hunt and peck method, still is slow because of the small keys that even nimble fingers cannot rapidly navigate without numerous of errors. What about using a speech to text for the phone? Is that even available? That would be the ONLY viable solution, assuming it worked without error. But, how you pronunciation is critical for that to work and the ones that I have tried with a computer require a long training period and it never really is faster than just typing it!

So, the writing a hub on a smartphone is not recommended.


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