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iPad and iPhone

Updated on August 24, 2013

"Eureka" Moment

Don't you find yourself thinking that something is lacking in your life, like when you are out and about, maybe on a train or bus....


An idea for an article hits you right between the eyes. How do you capture it? After all you are probably miles away from your computer, no pen, no paper and no Dictaphone. Well I have the perfect solution for just such an occasion, read on...

I found that being separated from my home computer all day was a waste of valuable time, time that I could use to write articles or Hubs for Hubpages. Bearing in mind the more articles and Hubs you write the more exposure you will get on the Internet. And that means more chance of people clicking on the adverts in your articles, creating a source of income for you. You wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to reclaim all this wasted time would you?

Help is at hand

Let me tell you how I cured my problem of wasted time that could be put to better use writing valuable copy.

Pages, an app I find invaluable

The idea that I could use my phone to write down all the ideas that came to me while I was out and about was a natural progression as I always went for a PDA phone; you know the type, phone and minicomputer. I used to use mine to collect all the information I could find on Taekwondo, the syllabus, Korean word meaning or videos of the techniques I would have to learn to pass my grading.

I used to have an Android HTC phone but that proved to be limited because of the memory on it, with all my martial arts information, as well as my passion for writing articles, it was soon clogged up. So when It came to the end of my phone contract I got myself an iPhone as an upgrade. At the same time my wife treated me to an iPad 1 3G with Wi-fi, Now I was well and truly mobile.

Once I had sorted out how to get round the fact that Apple does not like mix with Microsoft, and therefore you can't use Word or Office on either the iPhone or iPad, it was plain sailing for me from then on.

I use an app called Pages, on both iPhone and iPad, it costs a couple of pounds but it is well worth it. Because of the cleverness of Pages, whatever you write on the iPhone instantly shows up on the I Pad, and it works the other way round as well, whatever you write, alter, delete shows up on the iPhone, how cool is that?

Now when I am out and about away from my computer and have a few minutes spare, I use my iPhone or iPad to write down my articles as and when an idea pops into my head. No more lost moments; I can get it all down whenever it takes my fancy. Five minutes spare, I am on my phone or iPad, updating my ongoing masterpiece or creating another one, no holding me Back now.

Pages, is a very useful app, it looks good and the feel of it is excellent. You can compose your article, spell check as you write it, copy and paste, add pictures, shapes, tables or charts; it even displays your word count at the bottom of the page. So you have ample tools to get your masterpiece off the ground.

Once you are happy with your article you can email it to yourself and finish it off on a word processor or you can simply paste it into you blog or hub, whatever suits you. I know we all love Word but Pages is a very good replacement for it, if you are using an iPad or iPhone.

Don't forget you also have any of your other apps that you have down loaded, all at your finger tips. The choice is out of this world, cut and paste to your heart’s content. As many of the apps are free, pick and choose which ones helps you create a better article. It is obviously going to be a learning curve when it comes to using new technology, stick with is and find apps that work for you.

Think outside the box

Then there is the big bonus, the whole of the Internet is just a key stroke away, to be used as an unlimited resource for your article writing, If you need to check anything or get extra Information, maybe a photo or chart, just drop out of your article and look it up. Before you know it you will have composed your article and be ready to publish your next killer article, (might even be the best article you have ever written,)

Final words on the subject

In conclusion, I can't stress how useful using my iPhone and iPad is to write my articles on the go, it has set me free from the chains of my home computer. What more could you ask for, endless information at the touch of a button from the Internet, a very smart and Elegant word processor (Pages) and mobility. You have your phone with you 24/7, make use of it


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