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Writing articles without sighting sources of reference

Updated on August 14, 2012

Making your writing count

We all love writing articles about what we love, but when writing articles about supplements and other medications or things that need back up, people need to site sources of studies or how you obtained this information.

If it really is only your personal opinion of the product then you should state that and you want to know why? You can write about vitamins all day long and why they are good for you but if you don't have anything to back it up then it really is not taken seriously.

Any articles involving treatments, medications, vitamins or medical problems should be backed up or at least site where you got your information from. As a writer, I only write fiction because I hate having to research to write a book. Fiction is not for real so it doesn't matter where the information came from.

In order to be a good writer you must learn to site your sources when you are writing about things that lack evidence that they work or don't work. Be your best at what you do.


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