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Writing off the top of my head- Creative Session

Updated on April 8, 2013

Just spitting thoughts

With every spoken whisper

I'm clenching at my chest

Trying to remind myself

Trying to see past duress

It's the jaded moment knowing

Seeing shadows move as they should not

The old familiar tick of the clock

And feeling myself smother

A victim to what I want to see

It's the other half; a broken side of me

The part that blends with make believe

Cause no one seems to understand...

So Ill just make up things that say they can

It's the stranded voices is my head

The russian roulette of rolling out of bed

Today I could just be someone

Or I could close my eyes and just be

I'm peeling my nails back to the skin

Tying ropes around my shins

Cause I'm better off trapped all alone

Where the world can't see my smile

The purest picture of denial

Cause how can you love something like this

It's the blending colors of a soul

A being that's lost all control

Where make believe and what we see

Twisted nightmares of who to be

There really is no right choice

Just a puppet, looking for a voice

Cause when you forget how to be yourself

It's one big step; a search for our strings

Trying to be what people want to see;

As opposed to the beauty; the difference that's me

So pass the scissors, let me cut these ropes

It's time to show you what a nightmare really can be


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