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Writing on hubpages-What do I write about?

Updated on June 5, 2011

 Writing for hubpages is very time consuming. It takes alot of hubs to make a good income and many people do not have the patience or the time. People get frusterated after comming to hubpages and posting a few hubs when they don't see the money rolling in. My boyfriend said to me the other day, don't you think if people could make money online at hubpages everyone would be doing it? I said, many people do make money at hubpages including myself. He said yes you do make a little bit. The first payout took me over a year to recieve but I only had about thirty hubs. I then told him the more I continue to write the more I will make. I am now up to 67 hubs and almost ready for my second payout which has came twice as fast.

From time to time I get what they call writers block and can't think of a thing to write about. This frusterates me because I know I must continue to write if I ever want to make a decent income at hubpages. When this occurs I usually go to the forums at hubpages and ask people for help on what to write about. The writers on hubpages always offer alot of helpful suggestions. At hubpages a person at write about anything they want to such as personal stories, informational hubs, poems, and just about anything you can think of. Alot of my hubs are personal stories. I like to write when I have something going on in my life. It relieves my stress for some reason. Another way to find things to write about is to just google it. For some reason I google everything.

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Hubpages is alot of hard work but if you like to write and can think of hundreds of things to write about, you can make some good money.

 I am so excited, December has been my best month to date. Yesterday I made 6$ and today $3 and todays not over. Maybe its the holiday season with many people online shopping.

Amazon also sells some great reasonably priced books which can be very useful. 100 ways to improve your writing for $2.10, Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction for $8.36 and 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer for only $7.69.


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