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Writing your way through the winter - a few humorous, well-intended prompts and tips.

Updated on February 7, 2019

If you enjoy writing; making lists, notes, etc and the chilly air doesn't quite appeal to you, there's really no better way to escape the long dreary days and nights - then to get a little creative and try some creative writing! I figured I'd present a couple of quick suggestions to help get you started and keep you motivated. And so, in no particular order, my list reads as follows:

1) Put your life back in order! (notes)

If like me, you feel a general lack of enthusiasm for January/ early February - then you may be feeling frustrated - and find your energy waning, so it could be wise to grab the bull by the horns and make a list! My lists are less than organized and look more like tossed pages, upon the floor and coffee table, that's me! Nevertheless, such notes are vital; for on them will be jotted all the domestic projects I didn't quite finish last year. As well as reminders of work to do around the apartment and one or two garden duties, thrown in for good measure. I'm aware, it's too cold to consider the garden, though, I can still write it out now and be one step ahead of my incentives - when Spring finally does show up...

If you made good resolutions, now might be the time (stuck indoors) to revisit them and tweak them up here and there, as you do. My 'cleanliness' plan to be tidier - right through 2019 - didn't exactly pan out, so, highlighted on a floating page somewhere is - 'laundry is actually a priority!' And 'dishes don't need two days to rinse.' I try to bear that mind when I scan the room and know I should be doing more than merely thinking about it, whilst acting only on a biweekly basis. And I'm well aware, I'm far from perfect.

My other sturdy resolutions were based on personal growth & development for 2019. Courses to finish! To keep creative, launch my blog, look to the future with brighter intent and hope winter is much shorter than it usually is! Beyond that, I've got a yearning to get outside more and take a few healthy doses of fresh air, as I can be reclusive. Maybe, do some hill-walking and be among nature again, all dutifully noted on pages for near-future reference.

2) Write with the Spring air in mind.

If you find yourself indoors and curled up by the fire right now, and yet, still imagine life beyond the door frame, and it is nippy this year! It helps to project your thoughts a month or so ahead and write visualizations of all the productive stuff you get to do when the weather does finally change. Definitely helps to alleviate the dreariness. Mine involves fixing up the garden, 'deadheading' the plants I already have and giving the yard a general tidy. There's also a bit of painting indoors and outside to be done, all depending on the fresh spring air! it's nice to consider it now with a spring breeze in mind.

3) Dare to imagine the hotter taste of the Summer.

Start with a list of all the things you can't wait to do... Do you cook out? Go camping? Or enjoy a bit of gardening? You can jot recipes down - highlight your best food ideas, write the itinerary and things required for that trip. Or, consider new ideas for some quirky garden features, possibly a new BBQ! or a Fountain! Just saying. It's all positive as far as I can see and time will pass bringing the year forth optimistically. I'm a true believer that any sincere considerations of food during the winter months is 'very good indeed.' and highly comforting.

4) Tackle some poetry.

Put the thoughts, emotions, events that built over the holiday season and 'back there somewhere' into swinging motion, then release them to 'HubPages' so we can read them.

5) Begin the novel you never wrote.

I admire this one due to the massive dedication it takes and time sails fast when you're lost in the scope of a 'grande book project.' You know, it's popular to write an entire book, or at least 'full plot' and 'outline' over the single month of November. Personally, I tend to be more tired near the end of the year than I am now. At least during the first quarter, you're alert and besides going to work and coming home, there's not much else appealing to the senses! I strongly feel it's a terrific time to begin a new book, I'm already midway through my nonfiction - I'm sure will be fully edited by the time November rolls round - wish me well...

6) Create a 'Romantic Short Story' and place yourself in the picture! It's nice to have a dream! And to set the spark alight - right in time for Valentine's day.

AND - there you go, a few brief ideas - hoping to stoke those writing fires. If you've not already made and stuck firmly to your resolutions, and I admit I haven't either! It's a positive way to alleviate some winter blues and take your mind off the bleakness for a while. so, get proactive with your plans and ideas for the future. If you're very busy, I get it, these prompts don't apply, yet, still food for thought.

Whatever direction your writing may lead you, always remember, your pen will keep you company and your mind nice and alert - as you seek out with resourceful reference, the upcoming year.

Here's to your happiness & to your writing.


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