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Writing and Publishing Ebooks On

Updated on April 24, 2013

You can simply convert your documents to publish your eBooks on Amazon and using the Mobipocket Creator Software.

Formats are converted from Word, PDF, text, and HTML.

On Reading and Writing and Publishing e-Books the Kindle and MobiPocket devices.

The reality is people will be reading e-books in greater numbers now that electronic books are improved and available on less expensive devices.

For example, is expected to unveil their newer version of the Kindle reader. Additionally, Amazon intends to make electronic books available on many different types of devices. definitely is investing a great deal in the future of electronic books.

As the Kindle becomes less expensive, along with improvements, Amazon will probably realize greater sales for the device and content.

Additionally, Amazon announced plans to offer Kindle books on cell phones.

In another example, Google announced their millions of public domain books will be made available free on its Google Book Search via a new cell phone application.

It seems that cell phones will compete and possibly become a primary device used by e-book readers.

There is no doubt that the Kindle from Amazon will also be a choice for eBook readers as well as the iPhone. Millions of people would rather do everything they possibly can on their iPhone or electronic gadget.

This includes reading content and accessing online books via text and audiobooks.

There is no doubt that the next few years will see a rapid pace convergence to smaller electronic devices for reading ‘E-content’ online.

The iPhone and Kindle will be among the primary contenders; however, I expect to see more and improved devices to satisfy the growing requests to access online ‘E-content’.

People will read e-books in greater numbers when electronic books are improved and available on less expensive devices. Nevertheless, it is my prediction based upon observation and research that over the next few years, e-book readers will increase by greater numbers than in years prior.

This makes it a very exciting time for aspiring and existing authors to become self-publishers in the electronic format eBook.

There are a few different easy ways to publish your e-Book to Amazon or to create your eBook for the ‘MobiPocket’ reader The more simpler and quickest way to begin is to write your material using a word processor and converting it to a PDF or HTML format.

Now, you may be thinking that you know very little about word processing formats, nothing at all about creating PDF or HTML formats.

You do not have to be a technical genius to follow some simple instructions, by saving or exporting your material in formats that you can upload to and be sold to Kindle readers. I have received emails and questions from writers who do not have a Kindle or other type device that reads these particular type formats.

It is not necessary that you purchase the device to be able to write content for the specified device.

This apparently is somewhat confusing to some; as they do not fully comprehend the process in creating the actual e-book.

I will discuss the details in further posts; however in this article I will make you aware of your opportunities and the software you can obtain at no charge to achieve your eBook creation.

RE: Software Application;

1) Microsoft Office. If you currently have and work with Microsoft Office, this application can be converted directly online with in the process of uploading your e-book content.

Amazon will convert your product to their required HTML format. There can be some editing required after the document is converted.

2) Open Office Suite( You can download FREE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE that will allow you to complete your writing and formatting tasks very easily.

This application is a premier office suite that is comparable to Microsoft Office. I believe this software is in many ways superior to MSO.

Open Office Writer allows an easy and simple export to PDF, HTML or .DOC format that is compliant when uploading your eBook to Amazon.

Additionally, from the standardized PDF format, you will be able to convert your work in compliance format for other style electronic device readers.

You must always plan and begin with a format that is compatible universally.

3) MOBIPOCKET Creator Software. This is a free software application that includes the Mobipocket Emulator to test and preview the eBooks that you create on your computer.

There are over 120,000 titles with all major publishers available for the Mobipocket.

You can make your selection: searching for titles, authors, publishers, and categories.

You can I create your own eBooks simply by converting your Word, PDF, text, HTML and CHM documents or by downloading the Free MobiPocket Software Creator.

Kindest Regards,

B. Robert

To Be Continued.........

MobiPocket - Kindle Reader


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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      When the MobiPocket would not download for me, I soon discovered you didn't need it at all. I'll be writing about it this week in my HUBS about "Watchdogg" a first novel. I'll create a link to this HUB as a part of it. Thanks RJ


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