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Written for the Wrong Person

Updated on January 4, 2016

Sparks of radiance beam through your eyes

To set all aflame with devotion

A warmth of truth and adoration that envelopes me

Holding, and ever-strong

Speaking of a reality

That only we understand

This feeling of belonging

Being one of the same heart

One hand touches another

Just to say hello

Just to speak of love’s intensity

In silence, without words

Persuading the other to believe

In a path of life aglow with light

In a reassurance that soft lips shall be there

To kiss, to comfort while treading through

Life’s playground

Like children, caught in innocence

Provoking laughter and profound hope,

In the dignity of humanity

I can hear this clearly in your voice

It screams, “love”

A chance, a certainty

I hear an echo that is my own

Responding in miraculous ways

To the life that is inside you

© 2016 Marié Patricia Nicolina Murray


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    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 2 years ago

      Ah! Patricia, I love this one. Romance is my genre and this poetry of yours is written with so much love. Intense! God bless.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Well written words of love.