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X-Men: Emma Frost

Updated on March 29, 2012

Emma Frost is an interesting character in large part due to her diversity as she has never stayed with one group for an extended period of time. However, most will probably remember her as a villain with Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club yet she did join the X-Men at some time. Her powers are also incredibly interesting as she has the ability to transform her skin into a form of diamond making her close to indestructible. If however her diamond form is crushed then she is not quite so formidable though. Her main power is the fact that she is a telepath much like Charles Xavier and Jean Grey. Her power is not on their level but she is still quite skilled in the art as she can also telepathically seduce a man to give in to her will. She can send out a psionic bolt which have no physical effect on the individual but it can drive them insane. All of this proves that she is quite the formidable foe in battle. She appeared in the new X-Men film called First Class as a villain portrayed by January Jones.

Emma Frost was born into a very wealthy family that lived in England but would travel to Boston in the 1600's. Emma was the second of three daughters and her family had an older son who turned to substance abuse. Unknown to the family, the three Frost daughters all were mutants that possessed telepathic abilities that would develop upon reaching puberty. Eventually, their father had to decide who the family heir would be as it would naturally go to his son but considering his life style he was out of luck. The next viable candidate was Emma's older sister but surprisingly her father chose Emma. Emma however wanted to live her own life and decided to make her own way through it. She ultimately did come about a large amount of wealth, but it came from her own professional success. She ascended quickly in the business world in large part due to her drive, personal charm and some secret uses of her mental abilities. Ultimately, she be so successful to the point that she had became the chairwoman of the board and chief executive officer of the rechristened Frost International while also becoming the same for Massachusetts Academy. Emma's success eventually caught the attention of the Hellfire Club, an elite social organization that consisted of some of the most powerful and successful figures.

When she found out the club had been hiring dancers, she immediately auditioned and used her abilities to enhance her performance in the eyes of her viewers. Unlike other dancers the auditioned, she was never uncomfortable with the strict dress code that the club enforced where the women were to wear lingerie at all times. She in fact believed her wardrobe was one of her best weapons as it gave her quite the advantage over men. In this process she quickly became allies with Sebastian Shaw, a member of the club's Council of the Chosen who were secretly working to achieving world domination through the means of economics and politics. The leaders of the club was White King Edward Buckman and White Queen Paris Seville. Buckman had thrown the council's support to Steven Lang's program to construct the mutant hunting Sentinels. Buckman in fact was aware that Shaw himself was a mutant, and Buckman told him that the purpose of the Sentinels were to capture mutants as a means of helping the council maintain power. However, Frost quickly learned of the true intentions of the Sentinels thanks in large part to her telepathic abilities and shortly after Shaw's lover was murdered by a Sentinel. Shaw and Frost worked together and quickly rose to power while seizing control of the Council of the Chosen which they renamed to the Inner Circle. Shaw then took the title as the Black King and Emma Frost took the title of the White Queen. Under the new leadership the group attempted to strengthen it by bringing in new mutants. She eventually crossed paths with the X-Men when she tried to recruit Kitty Pryde but lost her to the X-Men.

Eventually she did join the X-Men as she found solace in helping younger mutants. In fact she willed her responsibility of the Massachusetts Academy to Charles Xavier. At one point she was under a form of physic incapacitation and during this time the school was added to the rapidly expanding Xavier Institute. While Frost's corporeal form was in stasis, a short-circuit in the mansion inadvertently caused her psyche to possess the X-Man Iceman, while his mind was then in turn transferred to her body. Thanks to Xavier the two regained their normal forms and when she fully recovered she resumed her role as head mistress of the Academy. She was assisted this time by Sean Cassidy, the former X-Man who was aptly nicknamed Banshee, the two set out to train a new crop of mutants under the group name Generation X. The group didn't last long and once it dissolved she moved to Genosha where she once again began to teach mutant children. Shortly after this, Genosha was under attack by Sentinels and the entire population of mutants on Genosha was wiped out. Frost would later be found alive under rubble by the X-Men, she survived thanks to a secondary mutational change. After this incident she came to teach at the Xavier Institute. Frost later counseled her teammate Scott Summers following his possession by the eternal mutant Apocalypse. This soon in fact turned into a telepathic affair between the two that was short lived once Scott's wife, Jean Grey found out what was happening. When Jean Grey died, Emma assumed the role as co-headmaster of the Institute alongside Scott. The two were somewhat of a off and on couple which for the most part coincided with the absences of Jean Grey.



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    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 6 years ago from Columbia, MD

      I'm glad you enjoy it. Any recommendations as to who to do next?

    • Bmm209 profile image

      Bmm209 6 years ago from California,U.S.A

      I really like this X-Men Series you've been writing. Fun to read & interesting! ^_^

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 6 years ago

      Pretty interesting stuff.