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X-Men: Havok

Updated on March 19, 2012

Havok is an under appreciated, often forgotten and overshadowed character in large part due to his older brother Cyclops (Scott Summers). His powers are similar to his brother, but slightly more confusing. Havok can absorb solar energy and project it either in an omni-directional wave or in the form of plasma bolts of intense heat, which causes objects to shatter or burn up. Alex constantly tries to one up his brother as the two have a rivalry. At times it leads to a fight between the two, but ultimately the two will always fight for good.

Alex Summers is the youngest son of Christopher and Katherine Summers, who was seperated from his older brother after a horrible plane accident when they were all coming back home from a vacation. While Scott was recovering from the coma, Alex was released from the hospital within two weeks and put into an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska. The orphanage he was put into was run by Mister Sinister. Sinister monitored Alex closely after he was taken in by a foster family. When Alex's mutation began to manifest, Sinister got the local bully to start a fight with Alex in hope of enticing him to use his ability. Alex indeed used his powers on the bully in a tragic way, due to his lack of control his abilities incinerated the local bully. Following this, Sinister put a genetic lock on Alex's abilities curtailing his mutation. His abilities came back when he attended college thanks to his mutant college professor, Ahmet Abdol. Abdol saw the power within Alex and absorbed the cosmic energy that lied dormant inside of him. Abdol became the Living Monolith but would later be defeated by the X-Men. It was at this point that he was first reunited with his estranged brother Scott Summers. However, due to Alex's lack of control over his powers he ran away into the Egyptian desert. Shortly after this Alex was captured by a mutant hunting machine called a Sentinel and brought to the headquarters created by Larry Trask, the son of Bolivar Trask who originally created the Sentinels.

Alex received the codename Havok in the presence of Larry Trask and the special suit that helped focus his powers into a beam that emits from his chest. The X-Men heard about what had happened to their leader's younger brother and jumped to his aid. The X-Men and Havok then faced off against many Sentinels and stood victorious. However, Havok was injured in the battle and was taken to one doctor named Karl Lykos for treatment. Much to Havok's dismay and unfortunate luck, the good ol' doctor was in fact a mutant who would drain the life energies of his patients. When he drained the energy from Havok, it transformed him into a much worse mutant who would later take the name of Sauron. With the help of the X-Men, Havok defeated Sauron and returned to New York with the team. Upon joining the X-Men, he also began to train himself on how to use his powers as everything up to that point had for the most part been tied to his emotions. Eventually, with plenty of practice, he became a master of his craft and in turn became a formidable opponent in battle and a terrific ally.

While being a member of the X-Men, Alex fell in love with his fellow teammate Lorna Dane (Polaris) who was a magnetism manipulating mutant. The two shared common interests, and while the comparison of the two can be made of the other couple (Jean and Scott), this couple were not the heroes or adventurers that they were. They eventually discovered a mutual interest in geophysics and left the X-Men to pursue it in Arizona. The getaway was eventually disturbed, as it always is with heroic couples, as they were hunted down by the mutant group called the Marauders. Lorna ended up being possessed by a psionic entity named Malice, who would then in turn attack the X-Men. During this attack, Havok retreated back to the X-Men base in New York to help them and warn them. Havok struggled with the idea of attacking the woman he loved, but Malice gave him no choice as he and the X-Men took her down. Lorna did not die in this fight but the entity was sent away. Lorna and Havok would then move on to the X-Factor group later on in their lives.


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