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Xmas Message 2013

Updated on December 24, 2013
On the 24t of December 2010,i woke up in the morning tired, i had so much to do for the day and time seemed short for me to accomplish all that i needed to do. The first thing i did was kneel down and prayed to God to guide me and help me do all that i needed to do.

I realized that the fuel in my car wasn't much so i needed to fill up my tank but as i drove to the gate, i saw my neigbour battling with his car, i knew what he was going through because i have been there too so i drove to him and offered him a hand. After a couple of tries, his car picked and he sighed in relief. He offered me $50 but i refused to take the money. He felt disappointed but what are friends for i judged.

We talked a few minuets and he offered me a cup of coffee. I would have love to share this morning coffee with you i told him but honestly,i must be on my way because i have a lot to do. I told him that i needed to go pay the electricity bill, then pick up a book at the Library, then groceries, go to the fish market and get a cat fish. He offered to help me by getting the groceries, the cat fish and also the book. Honestly, i would have loved him to help but i saw it as passing my burden to him.

I later left and hit the road, the first thing that faced me as i drove into the major road was a huge traffic. There was an accident already and the entire road was blocked. It took about an hour plus to clear the road, then i drove straight to pay the electricity bill before driving to get the groceries, you can't believe the crowd at the super market but i made it, i got all i needed but when i wanted to pay,i realized that i was $20 short so i had to remove few items. From the super market, i did one or two other runs then headed to the Library and picked the book.

By now my car tank was almost empty and i needed to fill it,there was no ATM close for me to withdraw money. Well i ended up driving down town to do that but my reserve tank didn't do me any good because i ran out of petrol before i could reach the nearest ATM machine. Stuck in the road and very angry with the situation, no one seemed to care, i walked for 30mins to reach the ATM, it was there that i got a taxi. I didn't make it to the fish market, what a disappointment for me because couple of friends were coming over in the night for it. I had promised them a treat of cat fish for the 24th night.

Although i bought chicken as a substitute but i wasn't happy because my friends were all coming for the cat fish. While preparing the meal,i heard a voice inside me said...My son, why are you angry about yourself, the fault is yours because i sent you help as you requested but you didn't open your heart to accept it. It was i who made your neigbour reach out to split your day's activities with you but you refused his offer to help, i also made him give you the money knowing all you needed to buy and the money on you but you rejected that too. I don't know where you were expecting my help to come from but I sent it from the most obvious place of all - right outside your own door.

I stared at myself and felt so slow because i realized right there that God answered my prayer. How we always miss our blessings from God because they come in usual forms. Experience they say is the best teacher because ever since that day,i have never allowed any of his blessing for me slip away.

Merry Christmas to you as you read this and always watch out for his blessings comes in different forms and sometimes in the most unusual place.


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