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Year of the Broken Crescent- A Serial Short Story, Part #1

Updated on November 26, 2009

The Year of the Broken Crescent
Eleven years ago, at the dawn of a new summer, our island community of Caliland was shocked by a terrible ordeal. The tragic events involved Monja Demone, Hulia Simmons, and Seth Angelo, but they altered the entire community’s way of life, and forced them to rethink their Universal Code, which had so successfully kept peace among the people up to that point, and fended off the more barbaric world since its establishment.
Our island of Caliland is the home of a small community, off the west coast of North America. A few centuries in the past, a series of deadly earthquakes shook the west coast of the United States of America for many years, which caused the west coast of the United States to empty, the citizens slowly venturing east into the Midwest. The great fault line lying under the state of California gave way, and a considerable portion of the state became an island; the tectonic plate below slowly shifted the piece of land off into the great blue Pacific Ocean. When the seismological energies eventually waned, the island, which is now known to us as Caliland, sat 122 miles off the west coast of America. It remained a distant ghostly reminder of all the death and pain that the earth beneath had caused America. It was a dreaded place in the eyes of the common citizens of America, and was thought to be damned by Mother Nature.
This collective superstition turned out to be advantageous for a small group of citizens who no longer embraced American society, and sought to create a new one. Soon there was a caravan of almost 200 Americans heading into the empty western quarter of the country. Traveling through mountain and valley, among demolished cities and towns, our founders pushed to the coast. They set sail into the Pacific, and came to this island.



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