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Yesterday's Refuse.

Updated on October 12, 2009

Ancient piece of glass
beneath the floor,
in my old house
seeking to redo,
linoleum that
had in years
past cracked,
I stumbled on
this shard
mostly intact.
Embossed upon
it's face
there was a heart,
and in that heart
a name spelled
" L y d i a , "
buried just
beneath the
soft brown loam
under boards,
that had not
been disturbed
since the year
of 1862.
What could be
the story
told of you?
Was your heart
as shattered
as this glass?
Cast into a hole
of deep despair,
for a man you thought
would be your love,
only to find fate
had stole your share
way back in a simpler
time of grief,
where most women
seldom found relief
Did he fall
to cannon
in the war?
far less civil
then your
rage at loss,
his death only
it's bright gloss,
Smashing his
glass gift
to smithereens,
sweeping it with
piles of broken dreams,
down into the hole
in your floor boards.
Leaving it to glimmer
guess we'll
never know the truth
for sure??





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    • yalenova profile image

      yalenova 7 years ago

      Amazing beautiful