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You Are Beautiful to Me

Updated on April 28, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- Is a blend of Stubbornness, and charm. She writes about experiences, and constantly pokes fun at her Feminist view.

You are beautiful

Beauty is not that which the mere eyes behold,

but a look into the soul that none but one can see

Love defines it claims it.

Makes it beautiful.

It's that certainty, that knows each others soul

The belief that you are mine and mine alone
to behold.

Yet you turn away from that which is plain to see,

If it's plain to me then why can it not to you be.

It is a look with all the senses to what meets the eye and more

Your quirky crooked smileThe proud patriarchal nose.

The way you walk or more a certain lumber as if no haste,

Your insecurities, to me it is more beautiful than all the knowledge.

To see within your heart all that you hold dear,

You hold within your arms a baby

And whilst others would look and perhaps smile

Within that second, I'm transported.

Would ever my heart beat as fast were it someone else,

Or is it just you that leaves me breathless, wanting.

Your idea of beauty and mine differs,

Yet never a mirror or glass has yet to meet your eyes you are

Yet you never look to see who sees in you the beauty that is you.

I'm assured that had you looked; you would

Within my eyes see the beauty that in you

Engulfs me even now.

I dare not let you see

As you behold a beauty that you see and never me.

And she that you behold

Does not behold nor look upon your countenance as beautiful,

a sigh!

For she will never see the beauty that is you

That keeps me awake at Nights

Crosses my inner mind and dwells on the forever kind

That love, that sees not what the outward appearance gives

But the beauty that within you lies

For it is a wondrous beauty that within you lies


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