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You Caught Me By Surprise

Updated on March 8, 2012

Caught By Surprise

You caught me by complete surprise,

The moment I saw your eyes,

And as I felt your hands on my face,

I just knew it must be fate.

My time with you is complete bliss,

Almost as if God himself answered my wish.

I feel like you're everything I hoped you would be,

And more for me to wait & see.

I tremble in your arms as I never have before,

As feelings rush thru me even more.

I've never smiled so much as I do with you,

Knowing you has made me very happy, thru & thru.

All I hope now is that you feel the same way,

Forever & always, I will cherish this day.


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    • IrisUnveiled profile image

      IrisUnveiled 5 years ago

      Thanks so so much Princess Prisca!



    • Princess Prisca profile image

      Princess Prisca 5 years ago from Heaven living on Earth


      Your poem is short and sweet!

      Awesome and Amazing!

      Thank you for sharing.


      Ciao...Princess Prisca