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You Know.......

Updated on June 25, 2011

When you read this you

will finally know ....its always been

you ..all the time ...all this time

its always been you

in my dreams

in my heart

in my soul

your the one its always

been running too

what am i going to do know

that i know how i feel

how do i know that what you feel

is true?

i remember your smile

your laugh

how i wish i could turn

back time,

to have spent all this time

with you

we would still be together as one

waiting for death to part us both

i was confused

didnt understand what you said

what you had said,

i didnt understand how you made me feel

you awakend me and i didnt now i had been


what do i do ...what do i do now

are you the one , the one,

the only one for me


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