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You Stole My Heart.

Updated on July 15, 2013

You stole my heart,

While I was sleeping,

You left me feeling,

Totally numb,

Under the duvet,

I was tearfully peeking,

My tongue was swollen,

I became dumb.

You invaded my dreams,

Held me so tight,

Wrestled with my mind,

Made me feel so secure,

Banished the shadows,

That haunted the night,

Turned dreams to mist,

Unrecognizable and so obscure.

Simple ideas now frozen,

In time,

Joy and discomfort,

Fractured into pieces,

Between scrolling fantasies,

And reality which intertwine,

Transmitting desires,

With spiteful telekinesis.

You ripped my heart out,

Like a frenzied tiger,

Stood back silently,

Watched the blood pour,

When I tried to break free,

You just held me tighter,

My cries were drowned,

By your deafening roar.

There's no shame,

In trying to love,

When you put your,

Heart on the line,

It's usually someone you've,

Had recurring dreams of,

And within your heart,

You've built a shrine.

But you can't just,

Walk away from dreams,

Even when your,

Just right there,

In the end you just,

Totally crumble into smithereens,

And your life changed,

Into another cruel nightmare.


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