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You Taught Me What Love Is

Updated on November 10, 2014
I own this photo, it is one of mine and my husbands engagement photos. Please do not reuse.
I own this photo, it is one of mine and my husbands engagement photos. Please do not reuse. | Source

What Love Is

I thought I knew what love was, butterflies and jitters, time absorbed by one person, nothing else mattered or existed. Never home, always together but it always fell apart...

Then I met you.

The butterflies were replaced with a knowing, a knowing that I didn't yet understand. Rather than making you my idol everything in my life that was good became amplified by your being there and every pain became less painful to bare. My world became bigger and I thought about what I wanted less and about the needs of others more. Instead of replacing my family with you, you became family too. You walked in the door a stranger and left a brother, a son, an uncle and a soul mate. I didn't understand why it didn't feel like "love" but that was because I didn't know what love is. Not until you. Love was all around me but I took it for granted and sometimes never saw it. The love of my parents for each other was finally tangible to me. I no longer saw Ma and Daddy, I saw soul mates, people who were whole because they were together. You taught me what love is. Love was knowing everything would be ok because you would always be there, it was long talks rather than long kisses even though we have those too. It was being in the same room saying nothing yet hearing everything. Love is being with you.

Happy anniversary my heart, my far better half, my strength, my soul mate, my Always.

Love, from your Forever.


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