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You Were Never Really Mine

Updated on July 15, 2012

I think I know now

The big reason you were so hard to lose

Is because I never really had you

In the first place

You never allowed yourself to just love me

Without worrying more about if I loved you

Or fearing that the past would repeat itself

Or our future would end badly

You were always on the lookout for signs

That what we had wasn't real

And so it never really was

You can't always let a storm

Predicted on the 10th day

Of a 10 day forecast

Prevent you from enjoying the sun

Do you miss the sun now?

Do you wish you could get it back?


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    • Koshaugh profile image

      Kara Monterey 4 years ago from Indianapolis

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Afreeverse 4 years ago

      This is so true of many lost loves. Your first four lines are just "WOW" and the idea of the tenth day of a ten-day forecast is excellent.

    • JideAlexander profile image

      JideAlexander 5 years ago from IL

      That was very deep

    • Koshaugh profile image

      Kara Monterey 5 years ago from Indianapolis

      D.Juris Stetser I'm happy you liked it! I agree that it's so hard for some people to just enjoy being loved.Thank you so much for your kind feedback!

    • D.Juris Stetser profile image

      D.Juris Stetser 5 years ago from South Dakota

      I just love this, such wisdom in the lines, "you never allowed yourself to just love me,

      without worrying more about if I loved you". It's probably our human failing that if we love someone SO deeply, wholeheartedly, we're always thinking...he can't love me. I wish he did, but why would he?" and on and on, so we're not really enjoying the Joy of being loved You have a great deal of insight into human nature, obviously voting up, and awesome. and will be following. thank you!