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You are royal

Updated on May 22, 2015

Emma was exactly 30 years old when Jennifer was born, he was chosen by her parents to be her god father and like every good god father, he took her just like his own daughter, he was there when she finished primary school and gained admission into the secondary school and by now he married his long time girl friend Lucy.

Emma and Lucy had everything every couple would dream of but you see, sometimes we don't just have everything, this couple waited patiently for the cry of a baby over their roof, if only prayers could bring a child then they would have gotten about 100, they hoped that he will remember them but on the twelfth year of their holy matrimony tragedy struck.

Lucy was diagnosed of cervical cancer and she lost the battle after one year, a situation that devastated her husband and left him almost without faith in the gospel any more.Nothing was enough to comfort him,his tears became his food and loneliness his companion, one year passed, two and three then on the fourth year of Lucy's demise, this twenty years old creature walked into his house to present her acceptance letter to study law at the university.

Jennifer was like a shinning star and seeing her that morning brightened Emma's day, he looked at the elegant creature standing before him and smiled then for the first time in four years made a remark about a woman.

"You are royal". He said to her

Jennifer doesn't need make up to be a cuttie and she was so proud of her color and who she is, Emma admired her god daughter and immediately feel on his knees and begged her just one thing...

"I know that by now men will be coming your way,please be guarded because there is only one true love for you, will you marry me Jennifer? Please say yes, i have watched you grow and sometime last year, i heard a voice inside me saying she is the one and it was referring to you. Please say yes, marry me because you are the only thing that has ever made me feel wanted and if loving you is a crime, let me burn in hell."

Jennifer was moved by Emma's emotional expression and profession of his unconditional love for her, she has also watched him as she grew and he has always been this father figure to her,she couldn't hold her tears but with a trembling sweet voice,this was what she told him...

"Daddy, you are old enough to be my father but age has nothing to do when its true, i have watched you for a while and saw the emptiness in you and i have always prayed to God to give me a man as loving and caring as you are,today he has answered me."

Jennifer and Emma celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary sometime in March and among the guests were their three beautiful daughters.


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