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You can write a eBook-It's easy!

Updated on February 24, 2019
Picture of my Uncle Jose "Pepe" Pons!
Picture of my Uncle Jose "Pepe" Pons!

A challenge!

I have enclosed this picture of my Uncle Jose, who served in two wars---World War II and Korea. Remember this picture, because later on, I will touch on why I had his picture on my hub. I have, always, liked writing. For years, I have written a series of articles on just about everything. Sure, I have made some money, but I like to write for pleasure. Recently, I got challenged by my good friend Carlos to write a book. My co-workers had written some eBooks and one even got a paperback book printed, but I put that thought to the back of my mind. I figured that I was happy writing for hub pages and some articles on the side. I was in my comfort zone.

I managed to have a blog and even a website, but still no book. Sure, I would think about it and when my friend Carlos would ask me, I'd make some excuses. I had seen how much money was involved and was cautious about making that move, but after a while, I accepted the challenge. Soon, I was writing my first book.

There's no excuse for not writing your book.


A change was in order!

As an ordained Pastor, I like to write about the Bible and teach some lessons, so I figured my first book would be a series of Bible studies. I spent hours on it. Then, I decided to do some research on publishing a eBook.I was, actually, shocked to see that if you know what you are doing, you can get it published for FREE! I, also, found out that my friend Carlos did it on his own and did not cost him a penny.

To top that off, by the grace of God, I ran into a video on how to make a eBook using PDF (Link enclosed below!) That video was a blessing and after I finished it, I was all set to have it published as a PDF. Being a perfectionist by nature, I wasn't satisfied with just proofreading it, so I had my wife help me. Soon two friends joined in to help me.

I thank God for friends who are willing to lend a hand. Please do not get into a rush to publish your eBook. Sure, there is potential to make money, but you got to spend some time on your material. Get it proofread. Free is cool, but there are disadvantages. One thing is when it is done by friends or family, they can drag their feet.

I made that mistake. I gave my materials to two friends at work. It took a while for them to proof read it. Not wanting to "rock" the boat, I waited patiently, until I had another brainstorm. While waiting, I would start on my second book and that's where Boricua...A Puerto Rican love story was born!

I decided to let my imagination work for me. This time it would be a fiction romance novel based on my family's life. First, I saw the picture of my Uncle and I wanted to make a character based, somewhat, on his life. I shared the idea with his daughters and they gave me the ok to use his picture. In return, I gave them a free manuscript of my book so that they could read it. Soon, I was ready to publish my first eBook!

My son Josh contributed to the artwork. It took me two weeks to finish my project. After proofreading, I decided to put an ad on Craigslist to hire a professional proofreader. Then, I changed my mind on doing the book from PDF to Word format. Again, I paid someone a reasonable price to help me put it all together. My proudest moment was when I managed to publish it.

It's time to get your book on Kindle.


Short summary of my book

My book is a short fictional story with a Christian background. There is some romance as well as adventure. It is centered around a kid who comes to the USA from Puerto Rico. The culture and language are a challenge for him. It is transitioned around the '40's to the present. The central character goes through a lot. Eventually, he becomes a Pastor but it, also, includes the reactions of the family. Some were positive, in-between and negative. I think that one could find himself/herself in the thoughts of his wife and family members.

The central character is Jose Antonio "Pepe" Perez. This character was patterned after my Uncle Pepe. There are some differences. In the book, the character sees action in Korea. My real life Uncle saw action in World War II and Korea together. I, also, included some characters based on my Father and Mother.

It has tragedy, hope and a cliffhanger to boot. I had compiled some memories of my family and made a fictional short story. At the end of the book, I had enclosed some links of my hub pages. I felt good about this project and do intend to publish more books.

A few tips to help you promote your eBook.---

  • Make it nice and short. Kindle readers appreciate reading short stories.
  • Promote it to your friends and families.
  • Look for key words.
  • Encourage your fans to write positive reviews.

So, friend, if your passion is writing, why not write a eBook? I am not promising you that you will write a best-seller, but don't give up! Persistence is key and, eventually, you will write something that will make it up the charts! With technology advances and new innovations, there is no excuse not to write a book. The kindle markets as well as the Nook and i phones provides plenty of opportunities for income. I have provided some links for your information. So, roll up your sleeves and start writing your e-book today!


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