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You don`t Say !

Updated on June 19, 2013

My Two Cents Worth

Snippets of life
are snap-pets alike

That imitate the snipe
that snaps are made of

And no clicks are alike
that would snap a snippet

That came with its click
that clicked itself shut

But left itself open
while trying to shut

The life of the swipe
that came to strut

Snipping and snapping
more swipes than strife

Coming and going
clicking and clacking

Life's a term away
from random sway

As time in the sun
was snipping away

That swiped the beam
and clicked in cadence

Click, click, clack
snip, snip, swipe

"away, swipe some more"
said the snapper

And the cadent rthym
clicked and clacked

Open, open, shut the more
click, click, click, snap !

Life's shut to open no more
that which the orb takes away

While snaps of beams
snip themselves of life

Going, going, gone
to places unknown

Future clicks and snaps
in exchange for more

To distant beams that shadow
across all, that's life

Long and short
weak and strong

Closing, closing, closed
to all; snip, snap !!....snap !


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    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 3 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      Was surfing hubpages and kept coming back to this poem-I like it!Thanks for sharing