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You need a Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE

Updated on June 16, 2013

It's here. The most perfect thing. Ever.

You need to know about this. Life has changed for the foreseeable future.

It's better than a handful of chocolate eggs.
It's better than a handful of chocolate eggs. | Source

Masters of the Obvious

In olden days we went outside and talked to people. Then we wrote them letters to be hand-delivered through the mail. After a while someone figured out that arbitrary sequences of electronic clicks could be built into cogent messages. All was well and the world was strung with wires. Messages got through.

A little later, another really smart fellow devised equipment for transmitting actual voice sounds via similar wires. No longer were humans obligated to actually look at each other in order to communicate. Happy customers 'called' their fathers on that happiest of holidays, Father's Day. Phone lines appeared across the fruited plain to interconnect businesses and families.

Analog voice messages in real time traveling over copper conducting media shortly became tiresome. Tedious, it was, to remain tethered to a wall while engaging in conversation. We all needed something better.

Into the technical breach steps Samsung. Their Galaxy Victory 4G LTE represents a pinnacle of interpersonal interaction across wide distances. No longer must sentient humans stop driving or building decks or attending graduation ceremonies in order to converse with acquaintances. No longer is a bulky analog device connected to a wall or a 'phone booth' necessary for real-time communications. Even the Internet is jealous.

You don't need this any more, unless you are a hipster Luddite.
You don't need this any more, unless you are a hipster Luddite. | Source

You need this thing

Imagine the stress under which you and your family would suffer: each time you need to order a pizza you must walk to a particular wall, pick up a plastic contrivance, and stand there until your transaction is complete. If the house catches on fire as you're configuring your pie, you must remain trapped in the conflagration until your order has been repeated back. No other family members can help you. They can only stand by as you patiently but stressfully explain your method of payment to the kindly old pizza maker on the other end of the line.

This doesn't have to happen to you or the ones you love. A Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE solves most of life's little problems. A wide new world of opportunity opens up. You can be driving home from the gym and ordering a pizza at the same time. You could call the local TV news outlet to inform them of your imminent candidacy for Zoning Inspector. You could call your Father on Father's Day even if you're nowhere near an analog phone.

It Works Really Well

This device works. As long as you keep the battery charged and you don't run over it with your limousine and you keep it from being immersed in diesel fuel, you should be able to initiate and receive telephone calls for a very long time. Technology obsolescence remains a threat on the conceptual horizon, but Samsung won't let you down. 4G communication should persist for a foreseeable future.

When you turn it on, it stays on. Thoughtful computer engineers teamed with contentious software engineers to devise systems upon which you can rely. When you whip it out to instigate a pizza construction project, the order-taker will always be able to understand your preferences. You probably will never end up with green olives when you clearly called for black olives. A high-quality digital phone is the great equalizer.

Get one for the benefit of all mankind

We encourage you to obtain one of these amazing products as soon as possible. Look for helpful web sites and sales representatives wherever your eyes happen to fall. You pretty much can't get away from well-meaning vendors anxious to trade their product for your monthly cash. It's a healthy transaction for both parties.

Certainly the world continues to rotate regardless of your predilection for the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE. It is not the intention of this chronicler to suggest that peace in the Middle East might break out sooner should you go immediately to the appropriate web site and order one or three of these stunningly fantastic devices. Your life is your own, regardless of what the NSA may know about you and your calling habits.

The next time your pizza arrives in thin crust livery rather than luscious buttery thick bedding, think long and hard about this stellar digital communication device. The meal you save could be your own. We're just sayin'.

What if you already own a phone?

Research indicates billions of devices already populate the phone-o-sphere. They should all be discarded in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE. A single instance of this stellar communication tool could replace 6 normal phones, we think.

Recycle your old phone in favor of this new model. Stick it in a drawer for prosperity to discover when you've become rich and famous. They will talk about you: give them something to discuss. Be sure to take out the battery.

Make yourself part of the world with the Samsung Galaxy Vistory 4G LTE
Make yourself part of the world with the Samsung Galaxy Vistory 4G LTE | Source

I will be purchasing a Samsung Galazy Victory 4G LTE communication device in the immediate future.

See results

Things the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE can do

Initiate Voice Calls
Order Pizza
Answer Voice Calls


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 4 years ago from Ohio, USA

      drbj: indeed, technology rescues us all from us all.

      BTW, be sure to sign up for Mobile Development courses at Full Sail University.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 4 years ago from south Florida

      I am on my way, nicomp, to the nearest big-box store to purchase one of these telephonic beauties. Imagine! A telephone that is not connected to one's wall. Boggles the mind, it does!