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You too were out there

Updated on December 11, 2011


Together and apart we arrive and depart...Life runs on ..only a bit slowly..out of breath

What you leaves me to

is nought but an empty space

which concerns itself,

to all that which sum up the idea of you.

from all that I ever saw, heard, felt

and thought I have ever known.

But never have I known anything apart

from the fact that I prevail with the attempt of knowing

and primary knowledge is first-hand, begins with oneself.

I have never known anything apart from the facts of how

I never did fit in the scheme

of all things.

And how I can never gauze or identify with the empty spaces

where nothing but the vibrations of laughter echo out and linger

and nothing but the vapour trail of of sorrowful tears escape.

And that is the empty space where all things

come from

begin and end in

and remain.

You too are forever there...

You too..someone I form a habit of


who might have chosen me as someone

I could

never venture to be

yet someone I cannot help ..forming a habit of...

the simple reason seems to be - ''nothing else is there.''

But everything else

and nothing else is

but a big gaseous cloud of empty space

filled up with the thought of you memories of having been in sleep

are filled up with visions of dreams.

Yet for all that I know, nothing is really there...

in that empty space...not even you..or the idea of you


the thought of you


the memory of you...

It is just me...looking

into the light.

It is just me

looking into the darkness.

And It is just me

shutting my eyelids to keep myself from looking

at things which were

never lost and things which never did belong.

Yet, you would always be out there

whether I choose to look into

or look away

from that empty space.

You would perhaps remain there

condemned like me.

Visible yet invisible.

Invincible yet defeated

Just like me

as I am condemned to remain

outside that empty space

or as i allow myself the decision

to get inside it

in order to be with you


But even when I will or don't

and whatever I may do..for myself

or for you...

Nothing Can never take that empty space away..

Nothing can help me from looking in or looking away

Even when you and I leave and sail away

...out of peripheral vision..

out of temporal sensitized accommodations

and out of the agony of habit.

and out of the illusory comfort and

imaginary contentments


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