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Increase Traffic and Earnings of your Blog using YouSayToo

Updated on August 29, 2011

YouSayToo – A Revenue Sharing Community to increase Readership and Earnings

YouSayToo, a revenue sharing community for pro bloggers, is not just another social bookmarking or social networking site; it is different from other social blogging sites. YouSayToo provides you an option to include your existing blog from Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, FaceBook and other blogging platforms. It helps to increase your readership and earnings, as its links are Google friendly.

It is having great traffic, with Alexa traffic rank as ‘9311’, and has vast number of back links. This might be the reason that posts on YouSayToo ranks higher on Google. Adding your blog is not the only feature; you can also create your own blogs, upload flash games and earn revenue using Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate.

Earn or Donate

Make YouSayToo a central place for your blogs by adding all of them on it. Users and friends on YouSayToo can see the recent posts from your blogs which, in turn, increases the readership and popularity for your blog. Adding your blogs is a one time task and you will get an extra back link each time you create a new post. It splits revenue from Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate in 50/50. For me, getting revenue is a bonus as I do not have to manually create any back-link for my posts; YouSayToo takes care of all this.

It also allows you to refer friends and get additional 15% from their AdSense impressions and 10% from friends they refer. If earning revenue is not a major concern, it allows you to donate your earnings to a cause of your choice and let you do some social work without spending any extra time. It has a campaign to support ‘Lives in Haiti’. Suppose, if you opt to donate your earnings, all AdSense revenue including YouSayToo's share generated by your added blogs will be donated to Haiti.

Advertise your blog

Another great feature of YouSayToo is to advertise your blog for free. I know nothing comes for free in this world, but it does not cost you to advertise your blog. All you need to do is to create your banner, add some HTML code provided by YouSayToo on your blog and you are ready to exchange blog advertisement. Your blog will be advertised on another blog within minutes and some other blog will be featured on your blog to increase the readership of all added blogs.


Like here on HubPages, YouSayToo also organizes some challenges and contests for members. Though these contests are not ongoing, but happen every few months. In the month of April, 2010, I was chosen as a lucky winner for the Social Bookmarking Challenge contest and received $100 prize money via PayPal account.

Join You Say Too

Check out my profile and join YouSayToo to increase your readership.

Other revenue sharing sites

Below are some of the revenue sharing sites you can join, to write articles or create back links and earn revenue.

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    • arunii profile image

      arunii 6 years ago from Delhi

      I would like to congratulate you on becoming lucky winner for the Social Bookmarking Challenge contest.