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Young Adult Paranormal

Updated on August 31, 2012

This is a phenomena unto itself. I would’ve loved to have had these kinds of books at my disposal when I was a teen, and now that I’m nearing 30 and there’s an over plush in the genre of young adult paranormal it’s just not fair. Not that I’m not able to indulge and enjoy.

Young adult books tend to take me back to a time when I was awkward and felt ugly, but the books now make that time, along with this one, seem almost…well…magical. Or at the very least it serves as an adequate escape from life’s trappings that weigh us all down at one point or another. Ghosts, goblins, trolls, witches, mermaids, vampires, and there’s always that girl in the middle that has to choose between 2 great guys when it all boils down to it.

There’s a certain formula to these stories, and as of now, I’m not tired of it yet.

These books give their readers a mystifying world in which to escape. Somewhere just outside of reality where our imaginations and dreams collide, these books tend to take us. It’s a place where the girl gets to kiss an ideal guy, or two, sometimes three. It’s a place where nightmares and fantasies collide, and between the pages it’s real.

The thing to remember though is that there’s a lot of bad YA out there. With the self publishing world on a boom at the same time some of the hottest stuff is selling isn’t necessarily quality content. Forget the poor editing, I’m talking lackluster storytelling, or storytelling that starts off good and ends up tired because the author got tired of their own story.

Either way, we read on and we try to find the books that tickle our fancy and take us on that journey. We pick up books by authors we’ve heard about or ones we’ve come to love that have started sagas with their stories. Some of them are timeless pieces that you’ll find escapism in long after the trend is over, and for that you can appreciate them for what they truly are.


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  • melbelle profile image

    melbelle 5 years ago from Southern United States

    I agree with you, wickedlittleliar, I am over 50 and enjoy these new YA paranormal books. It is hard to tell sometimes which are good. I usually will read the first book in a series before committing to buy the rest. I am always looking for that extra good series that you can't wait for the next book to be published. Ransom Riggs has a good one too, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, that I thought was great. I heard he is writing a sequel book to be released next year, which I am looking forward to.