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Young Hope

Updated on December 12, 2011

They say the good die young so does that make me bad?

Well I'm still young so I guess we'll see about that

For now I'll live each day like it'll be my last

Looking forward to the future, not living in the past

Don't try to stop me now there's no way I'm going back

I'm going to do my best and make up for what I lack................

You can't worry about today and hope for tomorrow,

You gotta live for today in spite of your sorrow.

In our generation we have dreams of innovation,

As we see the politicians, the leaders of our nation

Dwelling in their corruption, ignorant of change.

Protestors scream for reform marching in a rage.

We have to wait our turn to run this country of ours

Our voices will be heard, we'll stand tall as towers

And attempt to end the lost cause wars.

It's no point so bring our men back to our shores.

We need to get our ish together and climb out of this recession

Our families are struggling everyday and are constantly stressin.

Our own nation needs to repair it's brain's sutures.

We are young we have hope in the imminent future


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    • Kane Spade profile image

      Kane Spade 6 years ago from The Mind Of A True Writer

      This is a good piece, your talks about your own life and political views were impressive, reminds me of my own work, keep doing what you do.