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"Young One" (A Poem for the Ones that Serve and Give us their ALL)

Updated on March 12, 2019

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The "Young One"...Graduated from High School...on a Bright, Late Spring Day...

He signed up for Military Duty...Ahead of time...and was promptly sent away.

Began to train for serve in case of conflict...

But conflict's are for should know just what to expect.

What would we do...if you did not sign-up...We'd all have to stick out our neck...

Yet you gallantly forged ahead to join..."Young One"...We look upon you with respect.

"Young One"...Train Real Hard...And Keep your head down low...

"Young One"...Be the Best you can...Learn all there is to know.

And should the fighting start...and you find yourself in range...

Remember to come home to us...while out in the a far away and strange.

You spent 18 years of your life...having a normal childhood...

Then we put you right into the a place where things are happening...that aren't good.

We send our best and our brightest...and our most do our bidding...

To fight enemies that are never seen (Jungles of Vietnam) ...insurgents with weapons cache's...well hidden (Fallujah, Iraq).

Into Battle the World's Problems...'Cause Diplomacy is out the window...Troops are deployed...

Time to use all the Young Ones...that serve our country...that are militarily employed.

Go to Guns...Prepare to Fire...This here is the "Real Deal"...No Backing Down Now.

Young One...Time to put it all on the line...Time to Fight Your Best For Us...The Best You Know How !

Time to put all the Military have the test...

Time to give it all you have...Time to give us all your very best.

Young One...With Your Whole Life Left Ahead...

Young One...Please Don't Come Back to us...Dead!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The "Young One" flew into Dover...with a flag draped over him...

Of all the Ones that have paid the price...You are the Greatest One there's ever been.

Your family waits...with tear-soaked eyes...

Each one screams your each one cries.

Your body returned back to them from a tragic war...

You have come back home to them...though they won't see you any more.

"Young One"...Why did you serve...Why did you die?

"Young One"...I try to understand...I promise you...I try!

So many places to go in life...So much to see...

But you signed up to join...and did so...So very admirably.

Years from now "Young One"...When we should have been fishing...or with you at a ball game...

I will be standing over your grave headstone...and silently calling out your name...

For the times I would have been at your wedding...or sharing the birth of your daughter or son...

I will now be looking out across any empty graveyard...and thinking about all you've done.

"Young One!"... "Young One!" ...I scream out..."Where did you go?"

"Young One...You gave Everyone your Best...And Excelled at Everything You Needed to Know!"

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

On this Memorial Day...2010, Please let me Honor those that have served with this quiet picture reminder of the "Young Ones" who represent our Military Forces and have each served us well. Each Picture was taken from the Internet at random...only as a reminder to how "Young" each one is that has served us. No names have been used as a solemn reminder...some of these have Fallen in Service to us and some were obviously Wounded in Service to us. Special Mention: Pfc. Leroy Sandoval Jr. (USMC): Died while providing covering fire for his Platoon.

Please Remember their Service to Us.

Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved for each "Young One"

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


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  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    blackreign2012: I agree with you...that I support THEM and wish them all to come home safe. It is a tragic thing to lose our Best, Brightest, and Bravest. All Wars are senseless...they all demonstrate a breakdown in Humans not getting along! But sadly...Wars on this Planet are inevtitable. That's usually about the time...that the "Young Ones" step-up for all of us and go step into harm's way. They will do it...despite all the complications. One thing that our "Young Ones" do well is to Bravely serve...despite problems with our government...or the dang ol' overloaded bureaucracy...They (Young Ones) will always find a way to serve and to forge ahead. Thank you for your comment here on this poem...and thanks for the ~hugs~. I know you send out~hugs~ to them that well. Thanks also for the rate up...and for standing beside our "Young Ones" in support of whatever they go through...out there in defense of us! I know that any of them that might happen to read this...would feel your support of them! That is ultimately a very important thing! Humblest regards, MPM

  • blackreign2012 profile image


    11 years ago

    Wonderful!!! ~hugs~ I feel sooo bad for the men and women of the military and their families. Their loved one(s) caught in a useless and senseless war. Our government is responsible not the troops. I support THEM and wish them all home safe. Ppl don't relize they are only carrying out orders given to them. When most get out those things they were promised at signing doesn't happen or they are sent home shell shocked in to a overloaded buracracy. It's a sad situation. There should never be a homeless veteran. Never. They did what most wouldn't and deserve to be treated like royalty when they come back. Our government is failing them terribly.I bet 99% would make a beeline home if they were alllowed to. Rate up for sure!

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    Wayne Brown: Wish we never had to lose a single one of 'em. It's a horrible price to lose a young one over Man's conflicts! Thank you for your comment...I agree with everything you said about the "Young Ones". There is no comfort in the sacrifice...there is no joy...only the fact that the brave "Young Ones" are America's Finest (as you said). Appreciate you stoppin' in and reading this one about our brave "Young Ones"! Best Regards, MPM

  • Wayne Brown profile image

    Wayne Brown 

    11 years ago from Texas

    MPM...a beautiful tribute to those who deserved it most. We send our young because we know their are the bravest, the fastest, the smartest. A folded flag brings little solice to a crying, grieving mother or a father still hoping to bond with his son. But what else is there? For all who have lost, all that has been lost, there will always be something worth fight for and fight we must when our backs are to the wall. I salute these fine young men and women...Americas' finest! WB

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    Micky Dee: Thank you, Sir. Appreciate hearing that from a "Once A Marine; Always A Marine!" And, so grateful to your service to us.

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 

    11 years ago

    Beautiful hub Sir!

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    valeriebelew: are is sad to think of...but so very, very true...that we stand on the backs of these giants: Our Young Ones...have done us a tremendous service! Thank you to each "Young One" for your service! Thank you valeriebelew for your comment and for reading this one. Sincerely, MPM

  • valeriebelew profile image


    11 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

    This is a wonderful tribute, still so sad to think about. (: v

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    USMCwifey09: It is a sad fact that it takes Young Ones to do our bidding in times of conflict. That being said...We must never forget the sacrifices made...and the gallant effort of those that sign up to join the Military. Thank you for your husband's service to us all. Thank you for your kind comments here. God Be with you and your Marine.

    Humble Regards from MPM...And Semper Fi.

  • USMCwifey09 profile image


    11 years ago

    Thank you for this hub. My husband's a Marine, and my heart goes out to everyone affected by the military in any way. Sympathies for your loss, but much appreciated. Semper Fi.

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    prettydarkhorse: young and precious are those that go to fight for us. So much of their life really lies ahead...and one quick skirmish against opposing forces can change everything in a heartbeat...for the Young One...and for those who stand in support of the Young One! Thank you PDH for your comment. You are right. They are full of promise for us...and ready to die for their country. What a shame that we have to decide our such a high costs to their futures! Humblest Regards to you, my friend, from: MPM

  • prettydarkhorse profile image


    11 years ago from US

    This is very timely, The Lieutenant Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump said, don't do anything stupid, to die in Vietnam.

    So young, so precious lives and many left behind, these people are the treasures!

    Ful of promise and ready to die for their country, great tribute, Maita

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    Peggy W: So well said...that I hate to add anything more to it with in my comment and spoil the moment. Sometimes we all just have to quietly take in what these "Young Ones" have done for us. We honor them by remembering what they have done for us...What they have sacrificed. Sometimes words just don't do enough justice. I stand in quiet agreement with what you have written in this comment. Thank you for mentioning and thinking about our brave Marine. To all that served and sacrificed...Thank you very much! Peggy...Thank you for this comment here on "Young Ones". Best regards, MPM

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 

    11 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Bless you and your family...your fallen Marine...and those you honored by writing this hub. All of us need to be grateful for the bravery of these young ones who serve so selflessly for the greater good of all of us. On Memorial Day and all days of the year, we should give thanks.

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    wesleycox: Thank you know too well and up-close and personal...what a "Young One" really goes through in War...and how much each has sacrificed in service to us. Thank you for your service to us...though I've said this before...and can't ever say it enough. So good to have you back with us here on Hub pages, my friend. Thank you for being mindful of our personal loss. By this time...the grief has become a way of life for our family...but I always, always want to see our Marine honored for what he has done! I'm sure most all Families of those that have Fallen...would say the same! Sincere and Humble Regards, MPM

  • wesleycox profile image


    11 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

    You have done a great service to the men and women of the armed forces in this poem, let us always remember those that have gone before and those that are going now, and those that will go in the future. Even those that do come back in one piece have sacrificed so much. My heart and soul is with you on this day of rememberance for your personal loss. Thank you MPM.

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    sassy27: If you do serve...Please keep your head down...and be as careful as you can...(while in harm's way)! Thank you for your comment...and for honoring those that have served us well...with all their heart and soul! Well said!Appreciate you stopping in to read this one...and leave a comment. Humblest Regards, MPM

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    sheila b.: That sounds like a fine way to Honor those that have given us so much! Thank you for this comment. Sounds don't let this Memorial Day slip just anotrher holiday. Best Regards, MPM

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    rosariomontenegro: Everything you say is true...and exactly what I hope this poem conveys. I Agree...There will come a time...when our Young Ones...from all over the face of this Planet...will not be sacrificed...simply because "We just can't all get along"! Appreciate your wise words and comment here on this...And Thank You for stopping in to read this one. Humbly, MPM

  • sassy27 profile image


    11 years ago from philippines

    one of my dream is to be a soldier to served my country i have great respect to those young people who served there country with all there heart and soul willing to die in a foreign land with honor and dignity...we are here to take care of the living and honor the died once a marine soldier said back in afghanistan

  • sheila b. profile image

    sheila b. 

    11 years ago

    I promise I will think of our young men and women who serve and die for us. Every year I recite Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on Memorial Day, finding those words the best I know of to honor those we've lost.

  • rosariomontenegro profile image


    11 years ago from NEW YORK

    This is what we have been doing since we were back in prehistoric caves: sending our fittest to fight for us.

    I pray that one day "The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together... "

    I pray that one day no man will be the enemy of man any more.

    In the meantime, our hearts ache for those lost to us, even though they are forever back with us in their glory and our gratitude.

    Thank you for your poem.

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    Tammy Lochmann: Thank you, Tammy...Yes, it was an emotional journey. Originally, I wanted to write a fun poem on this day...but the memory of the up coming Memorial Day...weighed too heavy on my mind. For us (my family)...Memorial Day is so real...and almost every day is a Memorial Day. We lost our Marine in the month of March (a few years ago), then his Birthday was in April, and then there is always some event that we are invited to for Memorial Day (May). So, this time of year becomes an emotional journey. Still, Memorial Day isn't about the families that have lost some one...It is about Honoring those that have served us so well! Take Care As Well...And thank you for reading this one...and for the comment. Sincere regards, MPM

  • profile image

    Tammy Lochmann 

    11 years ago

    Beautiful poem...You captured all the emotions. I will be thinking about our young ones this memorial day. Looks like you went through a very emotional journey when you wrote this. Take care. Tammy

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    maven101: Yes Larry...I surley know your sentiments about Leroy, my friend....And Thank you. And I...know you share them deeply for all your Marine Brothers, those that have been killed or wounded in service to us, and for all the "Young Ones" who never made it back home. Leroy is smiling down on all of us here. It is the "Older Ones" and them that miss him...and those that served and gave their All...that have to be reminded to the remembering the absence of someone who gave All. Always appreciate your comments, Semper Fi, MPM...Peace Be With You As Well!

  • maven101 profile image

    Larry Conners 

    11 years ago from Northern Arizona

    Manly...You know my sentiments during Memorial Day, and I am especially reminded of Leroy's sacrifice...My thoughts are with you, my friend...His sacrifice is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Corps...

    Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni...

    Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever...

    Peace, my friend...Larry

  • manlypoetryman profile imageAUTHOR


    11 years ago from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

    lorlie6: Wow...You commented quickly...Thanks for that! As I'm still very sad from writing this one...I don't have much to say. Thank you very much for your comment on this one...and for honoring all those that have served us...on this Memorial Day. Respectful to them that have served and Best Humble Regards, MPM

  • lorlie6 profile image

    Laurel Rogers 

    11 years ago from Bishop, Ca

    Thank you, MPM, for such a thoughtful tribute in anticipation of this year's Memorial Day. We gave our best to them, and they to us.

    So tragic.


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