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Young Trader Losses After the Coronavirus Lock-down #1

Updated on July 6, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Rotimi Ogundare, Young Entrepreneur
Rotimi Ogundare, Young Entrepreneur | Source

When he could not secure

An employment some years after

His graduation he “spoke to himself”

That he cannot stand idly by

Watching he needs to do something

About his situation, he needs to

Start a job. He remembered the

Time he was with his late mother

That he used to follow her to the market

To buy and sell goods, he decides

To use the money on him to start a

Micro scale business. He started buying

Imported products from some wholesalers,

However, one of those wholesalers, he took as

His mentor because the man was a regular supplier

Of goods to his late mother, the man commended

Him for the brave step he has taken because

Not many youths of his days would gladly take

Such a step what all of them want is a white

Collar job, and the government has been pushed

To the wall now because of population explosion

Which the former leaderships of the country

Never planned for, and this has brought about

So many restructuring and reshuffling in the

Government work, but nothing appreciable

Has been achieved as per providing jobs for

The teeming youths who are graduating from

The institutions of higher learning now and

Then, thus, they have been calling on people

To look inwards, embrace agriculture and other


Micro-scale businesses, which with time the

Government would come to their aid to give

Them loans to boost their businesses.

The man gladly accept the offer to stand

In the gap which his late mother would have

Stand in for him by given him the needful

Counseling for his business growth as

Well as given him other assistance within

His capability until he can stand on his feet

Business wise. He was glad for what the

Man said. And would be going to him

Often to seek for counsel and to buy goods.

One day the man told him that one of

The things that a business person should be

Doing which would help his business is

Ensuring that he does market-price survey.

By market -price survey he said he should be

Ensuring that he get himself updated about the

Prices of goods in the market, because prices

Of goods especially the imported goods are always

Fluctuating, they are not stable, and if he fails to take

The price survey of the goods he his selling,

He may be disappointed the next time he goes

To the market, and discover that the prices of

Goods he his selling has changed. Sometimes

It would change such that the money one takes to the

Market would not be able to purchase the thing

Back. This young trader, thanked him for the

Counseling but he never takes to his heart, because

He was not considering that to happen. And if it

Happens that the prices changed, how would it

Change drastically to the extent that he would not

Be able to buy back what he has sold, he considered



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