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Your Hopeful Time Traveler

Updated on April 7, 2017

If only I could turn back time

To the days we first met

I’ll do anything to make you mine

And take back everything I said

But now all I could do is wish

That things were never like this

The things we have were never nourished

The feelings we felt were gone and not anymore a bliss

By now I forgot what it feels like

To be someone by your side

The one you’ll invite for a hike

I wish things will be back as it is, how long must I bide

Memories left me out of the blue

Staying where we first talk

Crying and longing the attention from you

Can’t we go again for a walk?

Can I recover from this misery?

Every now and then you’re all I see

Can I ever forget what you did to me?

How could you forget the things we have quickly

The plans we have the feelings we shared

Are very precious to me

Is it all fake the way you cared?

Leaving me so easily

How can you promise me you’ll stay?

Does the words you uttered never matter?

Does your affection decays by day?

Does it differ as fast as the weather?

Now I’ve nothing more to hold

You are gone and I hate this

Now that our love for each other is cold

Our heart for each other no longer beats


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    • Missing Wanderer profile image

      Arjay 13 months ago from Philippines

      You're welcome. :) Thank you for sharing your thought about my poem. :)

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 13 months ago from Reno NV

      Well written poetry, thank you for sharing. Jamie