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"Your Smile To No End"

Updated on March 27, 2012

Your Smile To No End

Gently caressing my life

It is good to see you smiling.

Showing me of my fulfillment

In the Journey of your Life

The parting of your lips

With the sweetness you possess

Yours is the smile and for me

You make mine to exist.

The glow of you does bring forth

The pleasures of your womanhood.

And it does me no good,

Should you not show in your face....

Your eyes.....your life.....A Smile!

Stretching the horizon....

Eclipsing the Earth's golden sun.

Till all is done...and when all is done

A smile still will if waiting...

For the moment that I might even think to kiss

And then do find a hour....a day complete!

For in my heart is the feeling deep.

Wanting that we should meet again for more to begin.

To look for that treasured yet simple smile

Which sometimes appears as a grin.

And then the thought does occur

Can we be more than friends?

And as each time we meet....

And then only to depart for a while

I reflect the thought of you

With the presence of my own smile

And then wanting to smile with a grin....

It is Your Smile to No End....

That gives me a reason to smile again....

Be we Lovers or Be we Friends.

@copyright Gregory Booker

A smile from someone is all we really want to see as if it affirms me as I am. Once it does end so does everything else. The ideal is that we know such a smile we place on others keeps such a smile coming from us.


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    • gregb4hope profile image

      gregb4hope 5 years ago from El Paso TX

      You are right...Sedona is a very scenic drive and calming place to visit. You must know the area very well. The road looks endless and thought it was a good symbol for the poem. Thanks for kudos.

    • ytsenoh profile image

      Cathy 5 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

      Very nice. Your image also caught my eye. It looks like Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona.