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Your lifeworld

Updated on July 22, 2015

Life is difficult yet simple
Life is a never ending adventure
Are you living each day with a smile?
Or everyday you worry and cry?

One day, I walked pass by you
You looked so lonely and blue
So I turned and say "Hello! How are you?"
You faked a smile and said "I'm ok! How about you?"

It's easy to say you're not alright
I'm happy to talk and help make your day bright
I see your soul crying
You tried to hide but it's showing

We are all travelers of this world
Don't get too attached to your temporary home
Don't let the devil feed you with its lies and crooked words
Fix your eyes on what's eternal and look at God's throne

I learned not to complicate things
Smile, laugh, dance! Do a little singing!
Laugh at your mistakes, try it sometimes
I do it all the time and it's worth a try

God loves to hear your laughter
God is our friend, provider and father
Never let the devil steal your gift of happiness and meaning
Watch how you talk to yourself because you're listening

Don't brag about something you don't have
Pretend you know it all, mock people and be a snob
Pity those kind of people my friend
They are living corpse, they wither away without God's peace in hand.



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