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You're Beautiful but Misunderstood

Updated on October 4, 2019

Burn marks on her face.
Scars on her body.
Emotionless eyes that speak a thousand words.

That's how I could sum up what she looks like, for I am always staring at her. I don't know why I got mesmerized by her aura the moment she walked through the door of our classroom, giving everyone the 'I-don't-care-look'. We're on the same block and I've noticed how everybody seems to be avoiding her, spreading gossips about how she's such a disgrace, well I pity them. She's kinda smart and she never seize to amaze me everytime she speaks which is rare but still left everyone in awe.

I'm close on having a heart attack when we met gazed, it was really unanticipated. Her face might be covered with burn marks but she got those brown orbs, a familiar one, that could captivate anyone. She quickly look somewhere, avoiding my eyes. I really wanted to talk to her but I never got a chance.


I'm just walking towards the cafeteria when I heard noises from the abandoned building, not too far from where I'm standing. Despite of my mind saying that I should just shrug it off, I decided to follow my guts.

"I can't manage to see your face! Ugly!"

"You are so irritating!"

There, I saw group of girls harassing her.
Kicking her.

She got bruises and wounds all over her body. With all the might I got, I shouted on top of my lungs.

"Stop!" As they've saw me, they immediately ran fast, leaving her in the cold hard ground.

"You shouldn't let them do this to you. Tsk!" I said irritatedly as I saw how she ache due to pain. She may be weak but she still manage to respond.

"I have nothing left to live," she then laughed bitterly but stopped later on as she coughed blood. I carried her in a bridal style to bring her to the nearest clinic, she don't have enough strength to resist.


I'm just watching her while sleeping peacefully. She's already fine now and was laying on the clinic bed. I'm just curios on where did she got those burn marks but my thought vanished through the thin air as I heard her murmuring something.

"I'll save you! Hold on!"

" skin hurts..m-mommy..."

I wake her up, it might be something too hard for her. As she opens her eyes, a tear escapes, but she quickly wiped it off. She seems out of mind. I was about to pat her back when she suddenly speak.

"Nevermind me. I'm just...just---"

"Shh. You don't have to explain."

After a long deafening silence, I finally took the courage to ask her.

"It's okay, if you won't answer me but...where did you got those scars?" She suddenly get stiffened but she returned again to her calmed state.

"Why are you curious?"

"Y-you know what...uhmm," why is it so hot here? I could feel my cheeks burning. Sounds gay but---


"I always find you beautiful but misunderstood."

She looks around and then, her orbs pierced my soul.

"I was just a child back then when our subdivision got burnt. I've heard that one of my friends were trapped so I didn't hesitate to save him. I've saved him but in exchange I got these," she said as she looks at her scars. I was taken aback by her statement.

"W...why did you save...him?" She smiled genuinely, as if it's her first time to feel relieved.

"I don't have reasons. I just want to save him, if ever that would happen again, I won't think twice to save him---to save you."

Burn marks on her face.
Scars on her body.
Emotionless eyes that speak a thousand words.

That's how I could sum up what she looks like, for I am always staring at her. I don't know why I got mesmerized by her aura the moment she walked through the door of our classroom, giving everyone the 'I-don't-care-look'. Wait, I already knew the reason, let's see if the girl who saved me before could save me now from falling---for her.

© 2019 SpiritofSarah


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