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You're It!

Updated on December 15, 2009

You're It!

Hiding in the bushes

Where no one else can see

We’re playing Hide and Seek

And no one will find me

Sue was standing with eyes closed

Counting 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

We all took off a running

So in the bush I dive!

She counted to 100

Then she looked to find

To see where all us kids went

What we will hide behind

The first she found was Billy

He looked with all his might

But he could not find a hiding place

He was in plain sight!

You’re IT!

Sue called to Billy

So Susie ran and hid

When Bill got done counting

He found Scott beneath a lid

You’re IT!

I heard him holler

He pointed as he ran

I see you Scott! I see you!

You’re in the garbage can!

Scott is the bestest hunter

He counted 1-2-3

He counted to 100 too

But he sure won’t find ME!

When he got done counting

He looked but Billy’d fled

He couldn’t find Billy again

But Bob was underneath the bed

You’re IT!

Scott called as Bob crawled out

He laughed, said "You look funny!"

Your dirty sock’s stuck to your shirt

Your hair has a Dust Bunny!

So Bob pealed off the dirty sock

Shook the dust out of his hair

And Scott he hid right next to me

But didn’t see me there

Bobby started counting loud

You’re IT!

He said to Lou

He knew where he was hiding

He’d seen Lou’s big red shoe!

And on it went, the counting

We were playing Hide and Seek

I’d been in that bush for hours

So I looked out to take a peek

Everyone must be hiding

Cause there’s no one about

I looked and listened quietly

And slowly I crawled out

I don’t see Sue or Billy

But Scott’s over by his gate

He told me all the kids went home

Cause it was getting late

So I’d been out there hiding

An hour or maybe more

All the kids knew where I was

Cause they ALL heard me snore!

All the kids knew I was hiding

In the bushes dark and deep

They could have yelled

You’re IT! to me

But they just let me sleep


Written by Jackie Rae

Copyright © 2009


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    • amillar profile image

      amillar 7 years ago from Scotland, UK

      Nice one Moneylady, It's funny, it rhymes, and it makes sense. You don't get much of that, these days.