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Youth Is Wasted On The Young; A Poem

Updated on June 14, 2012

When I was young I had no cares, my life was worry-free,
The bills, the jobs, the DIY, were nowt to do with me.
I didn't know of income tax, of pensions, stress or health,
The modest cash I got each week, from Dad, to me, was wealth!

But then my school years ended and the road ahead did loom,
But still my only worry was which shade to paint my room.
The job I had was wonderful; so easy, with good pay,
A real career that made me feel quite proud at 5 each day.

I'd pack my stuff and meet my colleagues working down the hall,
And off we'd go towards the bars for Friday night's pub crawl.
We'd spend our money buying rounds and laugh the night away,
Not one of us could give a damn 'bout cash not put away.

But 15 years has now since passed the days of carefree thinking,
No longer am I worry free or spend my nights out drinking!
The bills, the jobs, the DIY are now my cross to bear,
The taxes, healthcare, pensions, stress - there's not a penny spare!

To top it off, I've got these lines, quite deep around my eyes,
And furrows on my forehead that no makeup will disguise!
The 'forever' Roman numerals that crease my brow, read "three"
Good Lord it is amazing what life's stress is doing to me!

I've also got this cracking sound when getting on my knees,
And once I'm down I can't get up... can someone help me, please?!
We check for lumps, we check for bumps - is that a melanoma?!
My eyes just won't stay focused - am I suffering Glaucoma?!

My finances have dwindled to the point of no return,
I never have been frugal and I've left it late to learn.
So all I need's a lotto win to make my balance thrive,
Don't need this crap! I'm way too young! Not quite turned thirty-five!

Oh how I miss the lazy days, the teenage angst seems simple.
When all we had to worry 'bout was just another pimple.
So now I'll have a cigarette and earn my iron lung,
That saying is so true, you know... "Youth's wasted on the young"!


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