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Zaiden: The Baby (World of Warcraft FanFiction) Part 1

Updated on April 2, 2016

Joseph the Fallen King

Zaiden knocked on the door before she entered the room despite knowing her grandfather would not respond to her. She liked him to be aware, though and more than that she liked to believe that he was. He had been rendered catatonic for the larger part of Zaiden's life, and she had long ago decided it was her that would save his soul.

As she crossed the room, his eyes followed her, and rested only when she sat down beside him. "How are you today, grandfather?" Zaiden asked and he looked blankly at her for a moment, his eyes shifting when he smelled the food she had prepared. "Are you hungry?" she reached for the food and as he sipped on the spoon she provided at his lips, she fought the urge to lift his subduction. She had studied so hard so that she could save him, and training at the garrison had been like going to war. She started young, collecting pets and eventually learning to craft jewels to make money so that she could become stronger as a priest.

She decided in her teens that she would focus her studies on healing, but there was a dark side she played with as a hobby. In case she needed a dark spell, she would be ready to save her family's living blood members. As her grandfather finished his meal, she wiped his face and a tears began to fall from his eyes, though he showed no other facial expression. She quickly brushed them away and gathered his dishes to take back to the kitchen. She forced her own tears to stay on the edge of her eyelids until she was out of the room. She gave the servants his dishes and went back to her room, where she collapsed onto her own bed.

"This is killing you," Zelpan whispered in the darkness, startling her. She wiped quickly at her face and turned on the light to see her sitting in the corner. Zaiden shot her a warning look.

"I don't remember asking you."

Zelpan: Orphan of Pandaria

Zaiden had met Zelpan when she ran away from the garrison in her late twenties. She had craved new lands and no more sadness. She had strong bonds with the people of Pandaria through Zelpan, and their lives quickly tied up into one another's. As soon as they were old enough to go what they both were calling home, they began earning their reputations together.

Zaiden and Zelpan had both been abandoned by their parents at a young age. Zaiden's father was never spoken of, even when her mother had been around. When summer hit, it would mark the 60th year since she had seen any blood relative excluding her mother's father whom had been in his... condition... for too long now. She had grown restless waiting for broken promises to be mended, and by her 100th birthday, she had become revered in more than one faction of Draenor. She had come back home not to care for the eldest known member of her family, but to cure him. With each day she fought the urge to begin the rituals to reverse his catatonic state and repair the memories he had. In there somewhere held all the answers, and she knew more than her mage mother.

Zaiden resented the woman whom had given birth to her without having to even know who she was. As childhoods go, all she could remember was training in the priesthood and being told stories by her nannies of Kings of the Horde and memories lost from other realms.

"What are you thinking, friend?" Zelpan snapped Zaiden out of her own thoughts. "Why did you call me here. It's been a few years, and... us meeting this way is strange."

"I just need you here. Have the servants made your cottage? Is the space enough for you?" Zaiden answered, distracted.

"It's... too much, really. Zaiden. I have some money with me. I can't wait to check out the bar in the Inn. Can we go there while I visit?"

Emotional... and Physical Back-Up

The girls spent the next few days together and let the garrison help take care of Zaiden's grandfather's needs. Zaiden showed her oldest friend around her first home for the first time, and Zelpan marveled at the lemon fields and the beach that led to several ships out on the ocean. She quickly fell in love with her new phone, but soon realized she still did not know exactly the reason for her stay.

"Is everything okay, friend?" Zelpan finally inquired. Zaiden's eyes went cold again as they had the first night she arrived and she continued, "That's what I thought. What is the trouble, Zai?"

Zaiden sipped at her tea. "I need more time to think, sister. I just need you here... for awhile this time. Do you have plans?"

The large panda's face softened and she shook her head. "You tell me when you're ready. Where can I find some good ore around here?" Zaiden smiled and set her cup on the small table in between them. Standing, she took her hand. You'll never believe this!"


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    • Alexis Cogwell profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cogdill 

      3 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      I have the entire story (and the beginning of others @ Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      3 years ago from Hawaii

      Awesome story! I wish I got to read it sooner.


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