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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 1) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 27, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.


And Her Mother Before Her...

Before Zeldamon of Terokkar, there was Marladylight of a forgotten realm. Being trained in the ways of the night and nature, it left deep emotional scars when she had to give birth to Zeldamon during a great battle. Marladylight and her beautiful monk daughter were left to be alone, as the reaper took the soul of her husband and father. Though Marladylight would lose two of her children, she vowed to not let Zeldamon out of her sight. When the fighting became too much for a fleeting woman and her child, they had no choice but to seek shelter. Hidden in a cave for 90 years, Zeldamon watched the fate of her mother, as she fell to an impossible disease. The fear going outside to find herbs in hopes of cure for it left her druid mother helpless. Marladylight is said to still have her soul, lost in a realm that no one can reach. And so, Zeldamon opened the cave, her eyes bright from darkness. Though she had aged 90 years, she was new to the world around, and this world is not what she had been hiding from for so many years. There was new life, and healed destruction. She found it amazing, the things that were there that she couldn't have even dreamed about. She felt then like she may have been destined to live without her mother, on her own. She breathed in the air around her, and reflected on her time in the cave. She remembered her mother's warnings, and proceeded with caution at first. All the creatures she came across seemed friendly, and wanted to play with her. She decided she wanted to take one home with her, and her heart began to break again when she realized that she'd never really had one.

The Big City

Where many others hurried around the city, Zeldamon had nothing but time to explore. She quickly found a nice woman with a child that offers to pay her 19 silver if she would just travel to the neighboring town and deliver a message. The child needed medicine and could not make the walk. Not wanting to leave her child alone, his mother sent Zeldamon with provisions, and the monk made her way out of the city, almost missing the man yelling at her, telling her she will need magic to fight predators out there. Predators? she thought, All the nature is friendly around here, and everyone seems to wish me well. The next town was not too far for a healthy person to walk, and she must have looked confused because without her asking the question, he warned her about the monsters that lurk in the darkness. "Some are human, some undead, some beast, or creature." He told her as he insisted that she bring back the collars of marked tigers, "If you should come across any." There was 30 silver to be made, and Zeldamon told him she would, even though she did not believe she would come across such creatures. She made her way out into the woods, and began travel to the next town to get medicine for the boy.

Close Encounter

She was enjoying the trees and the sound they made when the gentle wind touched them when she saw her first aggressive tiger. in these parts. Something must have made them this way, she thought. He can be taught to love again. In the cave, when love was running low, her mother would cast a spell to enchant the spirits and raise their stamina. If only I had supplies from that cave... but they very may well may have been the last... As she killed the beast with her bear hands in one swift motion, though, she felt it... the fear of the animal dripped away. It was as her mother acted in her cat form when she was agitated. She would claw and kick, and though Zeldamon was a woman, she had not yet outranked her mother at the time. She assumed she was too weak to fight, and secretly she wanted to, then hated herself for wanting to in the same moment. She picked up the mans items as she would surely need the money in this new world, and for every tiger she killed, it became less and less painful. As she collected the last collar the man wanted, she was ambushed by two others animals, and her native instinct... tore through her. With the blood of her friends on her face, she gathered their pelts and bundled their bones to make goods someone might be interested in buying. Life should never go to waste, she could hear her mother say, and she hung her head in disgust with herself.

She moved on to the next town, feeling sick with herself. She spent so long as a child taking care of the few animals that she could find. Her mother had taught her to care for life. Though Marladylight had not always abided by her own rules, the lessons were still there in Zeldamon's heart. She believed the word more than her mother did when they were said, and she was horrified that she had trophies now to show her true instincts. It was as if she had seen insider herself for the first time and discovered darkness she had never imagined within her. When a large panther jumped at her from behind the bushes and startled her, she ran this time. With all that she had, she chose to avoid her instincts. She didn't even notice when the animal had stopped chasing her. All of a sudden, it was as if she had hit a brick wall. Pain shot through her entire body before she black out entirely.


"Zeldamon, always appreciate the life we're given." Marladylight stroked her grown daughter's hair as her cries echoed off of the cave walls.

"I'm lonely mother, why did all of this happen to us?"

Marladylight looked away in thought. "We'll be taken away from here one day, love. Your father is coming for us soon."

At Marladylight's delusional promises, Zeldamon broke into sobs. Her mother continuted to speak them, though, oblivious to the pain in caused her daughter to do so. Pieces of Zeldamon's heart chipped away with every sentence, and the cold grew within her.

"I am grateful, mama, but you're sick, and I fear you will not be with me much longer. What do I do then? What do I do when your stories of hope are gone?" Zeldamon clung tightly to her mother's clothes, not wanting to face reality.

Her mother struck her suddenly. "They're not stories! He comes to me at night to tell of the end of the war. He is coming home, and he will take us away from here. Why would I waste your life with stories?"

Zeldamon's face crumpled at the realization that there was no hope. Her mother thought her delusions were reality. She hadn't been speaking about dreams, she had thought she actually saw him, standing in front of her.


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    • Alexis Cogwell profile image

      Ashley Cogdill 2 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      Thank you! :)

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Cool article.