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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 10) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 14, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.

Curing the Madness

The barracks were closed off as the garrison team moved Alucardia, Jayxen, and Zeldamon to stay together while Alucardia was under her sister's care. The medic, Kiyra, was scheduled to check the girls for wounds twice a day, but had little less to offer to the issue. Lyfe knew of a great shaman from the Outlands, but it could be weeks or even months before he could make it to Draenor. The garrison began to feel like a dark place to Lyfe, as he missed his wife, and worried for her. Zeldamon convinced him that she had to help if she could, despite the risks to her own health. She said it was her way to make it up to her for being gone all those years past. Lyfe argued, telling her she was arrogant to think her training as a monk was done, but she wouldn't listen, and their marriage shook under their feet for the months that came into their future.

The first night, Jayxen and Zeldamon were to warn Alucardia of what was to come, that it would get worse before it got better. "We have both been here, sister, in runs in our blood, and I believe you can overcome this." Jayxen soothed her, noticing the fear on her face.

"What happens if I can't." Allie asked, her voice so quiet it was barely audible.

"You know how this ends if it doesn't end well." Zeldamon answered. She had put armor over her own feelings, preparing herself for anything Alucardia might have locked up inside. She had to be ready to stay strong when she probed her sisters memories, and stronger yet, when they went back to fill in the pieces she needed to move on.

By dinner, the girls were determined to be a family, and they almost felt like it. The memories the girls shared with each other, and being in the barracks together reminded Alucardia of the home they shared together, before their mother showed sign of her illness. At the moment, Alucardia's thoughts did not hold a single memory of their father. Her mother's memories came as photographs, and left as quickly as they came. Memories of her sisters from childhood, however, were filled almost entirely of love for each other, though, and she could remember perfectly. "I want to stay just like this." she mused. Zeldamon looked up from her dinner, giving Jayxen a look of concern. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm still having visions, but all of them are beautiful now... filled with us as children, and the flower fields we would sneak away to play in..." Alucardia began hallucinating then, with visions as intense as before, but beautiful now instead of terrifying. Zeldamon remembered feeling strange during this stage of her recovery, but Alucardia was just as delusional before, as if she didn't even know for certain if anyone was actually talking to her.

After Lyfe came to check on them briefly before bed, Alucardia slipped quickly into sleep, barely making it to her bed without falling, but refused assistance when it was offered. Once they knew she was not going to wake, Zeldamon and Jayxen slipped outside to discuss the next day's events. Zeldamon knew that fighting her feelings was only for Alucardia, and she spoke candidly with Jayxen as the day unraveled on her.

"She seems more stubborn than I remember." Zeldamon observed.

Jayxen nodded. "Her stubborn nature was learned. She has always had trouble in her heart over the night we lost you and mother. She believes if she were strong enough at the time, she would have kept us together. I imagine that she blames herself now for how it all turned out. The baby was unexpected, we know nothing of the father..." as the words came out of her mouth, Jayxen realized they were true. She had never asked about Zaiden's father. "Jayxen was only ever interested in finding you two... I have no idea who it could be, or where he might be."

Knowing that secrets were not kept between her and Alucardia in the past, Jayxen suggested that they started looking for the memories of Zaiden's father first, and work towards their past together as sisters. There was no way of knowing what truly troubled her, and it was as good of a place as any to start their trials in the morning.

Curing the Madness: The Long Road Ahead

In the morning, the girls woke for breakfast early. Lyfe visited them again, eating with them. Alucardia was beginning to feel the wonderful feeling she had from the night before fade away. As the fear returned to her face, Zeldamon informed her that it was time to begin.

Sitting across from each other, The girls all looked around. "I will begin by asking you a question that should trigger a memory of yours. Once you begin to feel that memory, I will link souls with you so that you cannot fight it or push it back. You have to live through it, sister. I will know when you've had too much, and we will rest. If you are able, we will all meditate together as you realize why you chose to remember what you did, when you did. When you do, it will trigger other, more painful visions. Your healing will not be complete until you remember what ails you, all that ails you, and you can remember with control over your emotions. The key to keeping that control is knowing when to release these feelings and to whom. You cannot keep all of your troubles inside your heart without letting it explode. We are here for you sister... you can trust us..." Zeldamon's faltered in her speech as Alucardia closed her eyes and began focusing on her breathing.

"I can do this." Allie assured her sisters. It would be her last lucid thought in a healing process that could prove to be fatal. Alucardia could not be left out of their sight after this, as she may try to flee or harm herself in an insane attempt to dull the pain.

Zeldamon leaned forward, taking Alucardia's hands into hers. "Who is Zaiden's father?" she asked gently. Allie's eyes lit up then, at the thought of him. Jayxen shifted in her chair across from them. Her sister's eyes often glowed, in several different colors, when she felt any strong emotion. She had seen this look before, in more tender moments with Allie as a child. As Zeldamon connected her soul to Alucardia's, her eyes lit up brighter before they rolled back into her head all together.

"It's a love that could destroy her." Jayxen realized as she sat there, helplessly watching her sisters take this first real journey together.

Pyke's Memory

"Do not say these words, Pyke. Love!" Alucardia scoffed at the thought of true love. "You will leave or you will die, and then what is your love worth? Nothing! I will not be destroyed by you, I cannot..."

Pyke stopped Alucardia from thinking further by grabbing her at the waist and kissing her, those piercing blue eyes rendering her unable to deny the love she already dent for him. He was the only one to ever hold her this way, and also the only person she had ever wanted to hold.

"I could never leave you..." He whispered as he lay her down onto the bed.

Alucardia and Pyke had met first at a portal location in Ashran. Sensing her rambunctious spirit, he politely requested a duel. When she declined, laughing at him, he challenged her. "Show me what you've got. It's not good to be alone too much farther from here. You look like you could use a friend."

As they lay there together now, months later, she was still a traveller, and was worried he would grow tired of her when he found out about her senseless mission.

"It could be a long time before I would consider settling down to make a home." she told him.

He shrugged, "I don't want a home." With that, the couple drifted to sleep with dreams of their adventures filling their heads.

Back at the Barracks

After twenty minutes, the memory was already too much for Allie to handle, and she began resisting to go further. Pushing her to her breaking point before disconnecting from the spell, Zeldmon took a closer look at what she had seen, taking Alucardia with her. She had the to fight for the strength to see the clue she needed to make more progress later on in the day. With one final burst of energy, Zeldamon saw it:

Alucardia: "...You will leave or you will die, and then what is your love worth?"

Pyke: "I could never leave you..."

Jayxen had moved closer to her sisters in the time that she watched them. Seeing them struggle with each other, if only for a little while, felt to her worse than being the one to struggle. Zeldamon and Alucardia fell towards each other, breaking spirits, and as soon as it had started; it was over. They had forgotten that Jayxen was in the room and they stared at each other for a minute before Zeldamon finally spoke up.

"He left you."

Allie's eyes filled with tears, "No... he couldn't..." Though she wasn't sure, she felt that maybe Zeldamon knew something she didn't yet. She sat there, trying to remember. When she saw his face, though, all she saw was the love he showed her, the adventure they shared in their short time together.

Lunchtime rolled around, and Zeldamon decided to leave her sisters alone to eat together. As it was Jayxen's turn to perform the next trial, they had much to discuss. Zeldamon needed to be with her husband, and she sought him out in the woods close to the garrison. He often took his pet spiders out there and hunted for meat to make magical food they could take with them for battles and make money providing food to other towns and cities in Draenor.

She found him surrounded by carcasses of all different animals, with a table set up for skinning and preserving the meat to bring back home. He looked up at her, and put down his knife, wiping the blood from his hands on a rag he shoved back into the pocket of his leggings.

"Dear husband," she laughed. "We'll have bear skins for years to come!"

"The winter will be here soon enough, and we need to make more room at the garrison for guests and those that will come to live there." he replied.

"What is the matter, my love? I can feel your sorrow in the forest." Zeldamon reached up to him, stroking his beard.

"I just worry for you..." he looked at her again, trying not to dismiss her in the little time they had together. "I need you..."

Zeldamon smiled, taking his hand. "Come here, away from this death. I have something to show you. As he ran after her, he growled at her playfully, pulling at her clothes. When they got to the top of the trail she had made for him, he pulled her in close and held her for a moment, marveling at the scene before them. The afternoon sun shone over the developing shipyard, and a field of lemongrass was growing around the trail she had made as a shortcut to the dock. "It was a couple months ago that I planted the grass."

He traced her body with his fingers as they kissed each other, and she startled him at first with an almost animal-like aggression. Anger and love surged through him as he tackled her, and pulled off the rest of her clothes. It was nothing they had experienced together, and the anger hung in the air as she left the woods and he continued with his work.


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