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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 12) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 14, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.


If at First You Fail...

Zeldamon gave Jayxen the next day to recuperate her strength and restore her mind. Jayxen wandered aimlessly around the garrison, and she carried feelings of helplessness with her. She felt as if they had already lost the battle with Alucardia's sanity.

Meanwhile, Zeldamon and Lyfe were working to set up spy missions to the Blasted Lands where they had found Alucardia and caught glimpse of King Joseph for the first time. Kiyra sat with Alucardia while she slept fitfully beside her. She continued to feed her medicine throughout the day in an attempt to get back on track with the trials as soon as possible. With the information they recently acquired, it was imperative to make these new memories a turning point and not let them block the road of recovery for Allie. If she continued to resist and succeeded in her resistance, all hope could be lost for her.

The uniforms they had used to rescue Alucardia had been destroyed in the battle to retrieve her. First, they would need new disguises, and many more of them this time to prevent casualties. Since they had the manpower, Lyfe decided that all resources available would need to be directed towards finding and interrogating the king. He sent all their followers to the blasted lands to collect clothing from the bodies of Joseph's servants. They returned with the needed articles almost two weeks later, accompanied by several alliance prisoners with information in trade for safe shelter. Lyfe agreed to their asylum, and sent them off with a guide to show them to their quarters.

Alucardia had returned to the soul trials in this time and was again making slow progress with her sisters at the cabin. Zeldamon had been studying at night, and believed she had found a way to confuse Joseph's attempts to locate them with magic. If he had sent armies out to search, they would be misdirected for now. She was losing precious sleep, and it would soon be time to capture Joseph and bring him to Alucardia for closure. There was much to be done still, but it could be the turning point they needed in her recovery.

...Try and Try Again

Hallucinations of Joseph halted for a short time, and Alucardia began remembering Pyke. All at once, visions of him flooded in, backlash of failed trials.

"You're getting stronger every day, sister," Jayxen commented during afternoon conversation. "You would not have made it through a day like today last month. Here you are, though, finishing the day with us."

Alucardia didn't feel as though she has "made it ", but then again, she was still conscious and mostly lucid. Though she had remembered Pyke, it would take overnight before she was ready to share them. "Maybe you are right." She had to force the words out, and she felt like she was forcing herself to live with every taken breath.

Alucardia looked up at the stars, taking in the lemon scent of Zeldamon's field by the shipyard. The girls spent much of their quality time there, listening to the ocean and watching the sky. She moved over to Jayxen, putting her head in her lap. As Jayxen stroked her hair, Alucardia closed her eyes and tried to envision the waves of the ocean healing her soul.

Zaiden's Paternity

Alucardia woke with her sisters and wrapped around her tightly, keeping her warm. Morning frost from the shoreline had set in with the fog that was gathering in the horizon. Wanting not to start the day, Alucardia stayed still between them. As the hour went by, Jayxen and Zeldamon slowly opened their eyes and began to gather their belongings to take back to the cabin.

Over breakfast, Alucardia was willing to tell the girls what they wanted to know. "I never lost his baby... and he never left me... Before I was captured, they had already taken him. I didn't even know if he survived until he showed up at my cell... He was ordered... he had to pretend he didn't know me, but..." Alucardia's voice turned cold. "They watched as every man came into my cell, made sure they... completed their mission."

The girls looked up in surprise. "Was he still there when you left?" Zeldamon gasped.

"I...uh...I didn't see him again... He said he had a chance to escape, he was coming back for me, but then they took me to the castle and I don't know what became of him." Alucardia choked on the words, and she knew there was little hope that he had survived after he was forced to violate her the last time they made love.

As there were followers returning with no news, it appeared that King Joseph was on the move with his troops.


Once she remembered that Pyke was in fact the father of her child, Alucardia's recovery quickened, and before long she was aching to see her daughter. They began having morning play time after lunch, and Zaiden's mood improved as well. They chased critters in the garrison that they collected as pets together. As the months flew by this way, Alucardia's independent spirit returned, and soon she no longer needed the day care to take care of Zaiden at all. The group stayed in daily contact, making dinner the meal they always shared together. Work was still being done to find Joseph, and as Zeldamon returned to live with her husband, Alucardia grew anxious. She still shared the cabin with Jayxen, and they talked every night as they fell asleep, sharing their fears.

"What shall we do with him if the magic cannot be converted?" Jayx often wondered. She knew her sister wanted to end his suffering, but she had to wonder if he was still the man that would suffer from the knowledge of what he had done to his family. She had agreed, for Allie, that of they had to kill him, it would be fine. Still, in the day, she searched for anyone willing to perform a ritual, so their father might return to them.


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