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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 15) (World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on April 5, 2016

Zeldamon: One Hundred Years Later

Zeldamon sat in deep concentration at the alter, praying for peace after a long night of flashbacks and nauseating memories in her sleep. She tried to scrape the last vivid memory she had of her father. Everything had happened so fast after that. Lyfe took care of the arrangements for Zeldamon, Jayxen, and Alucardia's father to be cared for by the help and he had whisked the entire family away from the garrison. Alucardia showed them to the garrison she had kept in secret. It wasn't much, but there was enough room for everyone, and there were others setting up camp with they arrived.

Zaiden spent the entire ride to Alucardia's secret home hidden underneath her mother's seat, curled up in an attempt to show how her devastation at leaving their home. Jayxen had tried talking to the girl before their packing was done, but she had not spoken a word since her grandfather's outburst. She was angry at him for destroying their life together in Lunarfall. Though they were still in Lunarfall, the home that her mother had set up was obviously just for her, and it was a sharp reminder that Zaiden would never be her mother's first priority. It was now as if the whole family had lost their minds.

And now, one hundred years later, all Zeldamon could picture was the skin hanging from her father's face, and the months it took them to get Zaiden to speak again. She closed her eyes again, and sweat poured from her face as she concentrated on her chant. All of a sudden, the altar lit up with a blue glow and she was dragged up towards the ceiling. There in the light was Zeldamon's father, catatonic, still, and healed. In the light he was pacified and could almost be thought to look loving towards the girl that fed him. She wiped his face free of food and a tear that he shed, though Zeldamon no longer recognized the face that belonged to the soul of her niece.

Once she reached the climax of her peaceful state, the light spat her back out and she crumpled to the floor in pain from the entire experience. She saw the girl standing over her, where the light had been, pointing at her. Zaiden's once peaceful face now turned to scorn and Zeldamon backed out of her mediation spot and ran as fast as she could.

Jayxen: One Hundred Years Later

Jayxen lay naked next to an unknown man in an unknown location. She felt as if maybe she had been poisoned. She sat up and wrapped up in the blanket she lay on top of. As she stood to get out of bed, bottled tumbled at her feet and the room filled with the smell of port. The smell went straight to her stomach and as she ran out of the cabin, she slipped on the spilled alcohol.

"Great, add bruises and cuts to my confusion." Jayxen muttered. The man in the bed rolled over, mistaking a pile of blankets for the warm body that was laying next to him a minute ago. She glance at him, smiling to herself on the floor, picking herself up and limping outside.

Jayxen had entered a state of denial that no one had been healthy enough to detect. She had slipped away from the home Alucardia made for herself first, and never had a second thought about it. She spent her days, and nights, drinking with friends she made as she traveled.

Family life after Joseph's relapse was difficult for everyone. Lyfe worried that his wife would never recover, and he had probably been right. Jayxen used the fact that everyone was upset as an opportunity to recluse herself until they hardly noticed she was gone at all. With no good-bye's, Jayxen zigzagged each town of every territory, looking to be forgotten.

Alucardia: One Hundred Years Later

Alucardia had stayed at her garrison. This was not to stay with her grieving daughter, as she had let go of all reins to Zaiden's upbringing just months after they set up their homes. Instead, she used it as a place to crash after she spent weeks searching for her sister that had run away and her mother that had never been heard from. By 15 years old, Alucardia decided that it was time for Zaiden to live in a home all her own and start her life here until she was ready to venture out on her own.

After all the time that had passed, Alucardia was especially surprised by Zaiden's urgent contact. Allie knew that she had failed her daughter now. It had been many decades since they had seen each other. Alucardia had stayed at her garrison, but Zaiden left in the same fashion as Jayxen had. In the middle of the night, she took off by horse and set her course for her grandfather's home, which had been tended by followers of Zeldamon. No members of the family had been there in years, and she began reading the history concerning her own family.

"I wish for you to meet with me, mother. I believe I have found the key to your happiness after all these years, and wish to share my progress. I never got to know my family, and I just want us all to be whole again." Zaiden's letter read. Alucarida had read it over and over again, searching for a hint of hatred from her daughter. She found none.

The night before she left for her old home, Alucardia spent her time killing instead of sleeping. In an attempt to toughen herself up, she went to the city of Ashran to buy some new boots and chest protection. In the carriage she took to see her daughter, Alucardia could feel her sisters get closer. Her thoughts twisted in sick realization that Zaiden had written all of them. Events would certainly turn for the worst, and she had not prepared herself to see Jayxen again.

The Reunion

Zaiden had planned for dinner at sundown. By then, her mother and her mother's sisters should all be with her if there were going to be for the last incantations performed on her grandfather Joseph. It had taken her many years, but he was not speaking to her through spiritual lines of communication, and the healing process had been going well. She was sure that he had no idea who she was, but it didn't matter to her because he would soon take the test of seeing his daughters again.

The sisters showed up together, having met each other on the main road leading to the large garrison Zaiden had kept up while they were gone. The number of residents had doubled since Alucardia, Jayxen, and Zeldamon had last seen Zaiden. A large panda greeted the trio, and ushered each of them to their sleeping quarters. Alucardia asked the stranger where here daughter was, but she was ignored and instead sat down in front of a table full of food.

"My name is Zelpan. Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with before your meeting." Alucarida raised her eyes at this statement, and Jayxen shot her a look that warned her against saying what was on her mind. Zelpan then took Jayxen by the arm and showed her where she would be spending her nights.


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