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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 2) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 25, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.

Dusting Off the Magic

*Blink*... *Blink*... As Zeldamon opened her eyes, she was relieved to find that what she had run into wasn't a predator. What appeared to be a man mixed with a bear sat on the other side of the small room she lay in, toiling over herbs and roots. "It's a wonder you made it here safely, with the state you were in when you arrived. Where are you from?"

Zeldamon sat up slowly, blinking away flashbacks from the cave and the tears that came with them. "Not here... What happened?"

"You ran right into me, didn't even see me." He snorted. "Had this crazy look in your eyes..."

"I apologize... It's just that... this forest used to be friendly... all that blood..." thinking about her forest friends again made her stomach turn as she looked down at her hands. "I had to kill them all." His face softened as he watched Zeldamon.

"Many others like you have come along from the caves, not knowing if the war was won or lost... Not many coming around these days, but there's one or two every now and then. During the fighting, the humans let out a virus that mutuated the intelligent beings, if survived by the sickness. The wildlife took the biggest hit, and those with wildlife instincts... some of them have become... unsettled... where there was once peace now lays anger and resentment that is not yet understood. These new species have formed on both sides of the faction lines, with only the want to be good or bad separating them. Here, eat this. It will protect you in case you've been infected."

Zeldamon chewed slowly, uncertain to trust this man. "I come needing assistance for a little boy in the city west of here. Is there anyway you can help me with this?"

"Let me introduce myself as a member of peace. I am Liam, and I was born in a last attempt our village alive. My mother a Druid, my father a human, they never had a chance and died in the war, but wanted to make sure that I had a life to settle into here. Let me see that."

Liam took the parchment from Zeldamon, and jumped up before he finished reading it. "We're running out of time! Hurry, come with me, I'll need your magic for this."

"Magic?" she thought. Before she could ask, Liam had mounted a large gryphon and was urging her to jump on. "If it weren't for that boy..." she muttered as she hopped up onto the enormous bird. She braced herself as the bird took off, and looking down at the town she fought her way to, she knew her life was already never the same.


As Liam flew back to Darnassus, the city of Night Elves, Zeldamon was having a hard time staying in the real world. The differences, they were too much, and it was quickly taking a toll on her mind...

"Zeldamon, it's because I love you that we stay here," she heard her mother whisper as she stroked her back.

"I'm so lonley, mama. I want to see the sun, feel the wind, touch the trees..." and as she sobbed, her mother's heart broke, but her fear had already taken over. A night elf was not meant to be trapped in conditions like this, and neither was her child. As Zeldamon felt her mothers tears drop into her purple hair, and she stiffened up.

"I'm so sorry, mama... you only have sadness because I remind you always how lonely we are. You're enough, mama, don't cry."

Smiles were hard to come by but Marladylight put one on for her daughter that day. "We're both enough, my love, and one day... I'll have faith enough to lead us out of the caves..." Knowing surely that they would run out of food one of these days, Zeldamon believed they would make it out together...

*SQUACK!!* "We're here!" Zeldamon was snapped back into reality by Liam's gruff warning of a descent into the city. The city didn't look the same, and she had just been here. It was... darker somehow.

Auction House in Darnassus (WoW)

Discovering the Remedy

As she descended from the bird, Zeldamon got dizzy, blacking out again. When she awoke this time, she was in a bigger room with herbs hanging from the ceilings and the walls covered with vines. As she attemped to sit up, the flashbacks became too much to bear, and her eyes darted around the room, looking for the cause of the animal sounds. No one appeared to be in the room and she began to wonder if they had put her into a prison. Maybe the kindness they showed was part of a charade to capture her. As soon as the thought entered her head, she felt the tears on her face and came to the sickening realization that SHE was the horrible howls in the night.

"They will hear you, Zeldamon, be quiet!" her mother whispered. "It isn't enough that we have to see him this way? Don't let him die for nothing!" The image of her mother dragging her father's body to a shallow grave, the blood that trailed behind all of them... burned inside her head.

As she would go in and out of conciousness, Liam would enter and leave the room, telling her to chew on more of the leaves he had given her earlier. The dreams would stop, and she could sleep easier, only to be awoken again and again by images she would never forget.

"Mother, please don't leave. I need you!" At her heartfelt plea, Marladylight scoffed in the face of her daughter.

"NEED?!" she hollered, letting her rage take over her. "You know nothing of need! All I needed was the love of your father, of the children we were to share, and the trees took it all, showing me these were things I thought I needed. All you need is the air in your lungs!" Marladylight let out a ferocious growl before turning her back on her 7 year old daughter and tearing into the night. Zeldamon cowered in a tall tree for the night, giving her mother time to revert from her bear form before she went to search for her. In the night, she heard the crying of rabbits and other small animals as their souls were taken out by the hands of Marladylight. With every cry, Zeldamon lost a piece of her short-lived innocence, and by morning she was ready, harder, and more prepared to deal with the beast her mother became when the world got too hard for her. Gathering her energy, she set on the path her mother had left for her in blood and destruction.

From the nightmare, she woke gasping for air. The taste of the medicine was strong in her mouth, and her soul was calmer. Liam gently opened the door, and peered inside. "How are we feeling today?"

"How's the boy?!" she gasped.

"You've been in an out of hallucinations for days, almost the whole week has gone by. The boy got his medicine, Zeldamon... Here." Liam replied as he handed her more of the bitter leaves that appeared to be a remedy for whatever was happening to her.

"I feel sick," she finally answered.

"Most have had the treatment for the sickness you can catch from the predators in the woods. Jayxon should have asked you, but it's been so long since someone came along that hadn't been treated... He sent you this." Zeldamon opened the box to find 1 gold piece and a necklace. "There is more herb in the necklace, to give you health. He's apologizes, but I understand if you do not wish to run errands for him again. You should be through the worst of it. If the sickness had invaded your mind... you would have been lost to it. You should be back on your feet in a couple more days, and feel free to rest here. I imagine you'll be feeling back to normal tomorrow if you get up and get some exercise or socialize with some people in our small part of the city. We like to call it the Cenarion Enclave, and it's where healing takes place. You're in good hands, Zeldamon."

"Normal... I don't even know what normal is anymore..." Zeldamon whispered, tears of relief and despair falling from her eyes.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Another enthralling installment.