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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 6) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 25, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.

Zeldamon (Zellie)


As the trio fought through the hoard and interrogated anyone they could, they came very little closer to finding Jayx's sister. Jayx fell into a depression that left her screaming in the night. Zeldamon found herself feeling surprised at how deeply she felt for her. They had been travelling together for but four months but it was as if... they knew each other, and she knew how to make it better sometimes. The last tell they heard of Allie was a spiteful scout that spit in the face of his attackers.

"That tramp is exactly where she wants to be!" he bellowed and spat in Jayx's face. He wouldn't say more and she became so enraged that she bound him by all his limbs and drug him through the woods by his belly, hoping for information. When she realized he was determined to die for the secrets he kept, she looked him in the eye as she stabbed him in the spine and dropped him to the ground. He would be left there, to bleed as he couldn't make any attempt to stop it.

That night, they bathed in the moonlit river that they spent a good part of the week looking for to refill their canteens. As Lyfe started the fire for dinner, Zeldamon and Jayx sat in silence, braiding each other's hair and watching the flames Lyfe cooked from. Zeldamon took watch of the camp that night, and when her nightmare's came, she lay there with Jayx, soothing her and praying for news in the morning.

They woke early to ensure swift passage around the walls in the jungle. To avoid conflict, and attempting to eavesdrop, they crept quickly past guards, and even the king. They all stopped breathing when they realized that scouts were behind them. The horde was facing away and they sunk into the shadows, willing themselves to be invisible.

"She will make him weak. Women!" one scout snorted.

"He has already set up board for her. Hmph! She will have him wrapped around her finger soon enough. Looking for her mother after all these years! Silly child she is, she'll get us killed!" said another.

As the scouts continued talking, Lyfe motioned to a cave that seemed to be empty for them to rest in. Jayxen did not want to move on from this conversation, but knew she would not stay hidden forever, and took her cue when the scouts were both looking away.

"Tramp!" Jayx scoffed. Zeldamon looked over. "Do you think they were talking about Allie?" she wondered aloud.

"Something's going on, I can feel it. She's not safe... We're closer, but she still feels so distant... I can't tell for sure, but she feels alive." Jayx slid to the cave floor, defeated. Lyfe looked outside, nervously.

"We just need a plan. I see a clearing a few miles that way." he motioned to the west. "We all have friends, we can set up a home here for now, maybe more than one, so we have a safe place to rest at night. You two are worrying yourselves sick at night, we can't go on like this"

The girls nodded, checking their supplies. "We'll have lunch and check the cave for water and then we can move onto the clearing." Lyfe suggested, and moved on to start a fire.

Alucardia (Allie)


Now what should be seven months into her unwed pregnancy, Alucardia was at the mercy of the horde. Several had heard now of the daughter of Joseph, tramp of the alliance, daughter of a traitor. Though she was less nauseous less often now, she worried more and more. In her condition, escape was unlikely. There weren't many women around, and the only woman she was allowed to see was the woman that would be taking her baby in less than sixty days. Alucardia searched her dreams for hope, and spend her days praying, and trying to reach her sister. Sometimes she felt her, and she was getting closer... but there was no way to tell how close.

The midwife, Luda opened the door of what now appeared to be less of a prison, but was still much more so. She lay imprisoned on her bed in the tower of her father's castle, whom she had believed to be dead for something close to 90 years.

"Please, let me keep my baby. I'll do anything. I'll join your armies if it would mean that I could raise her." she sobbed as Luda checked, her temperature and took some blood.

Alucardia had been making this deal all week, and still she got the same rejection. "You're of no use to those as noble as us." she hissed as she felt Alucardia's stomach. "The child seems to be growing quickly. You don't have much time left." As she left the room, she glanced back at Alucardia, but quickly turned back and slammed the door.

"Life be of light, life be of blood, I ask the wind to carry my message..." Alucardia slept not that night, and instead prayed to her sister for forgiveness and rescue.

Zeldamon (Zellie)

Garrison Quest

Connections Made

It was not long before Zeldamon, Lyfe, and Jayx had obtained a safe place to rest as well as people from surrounding towns eager to help once they heard of their journey. Money was not hard to come by, and the three decided to spend the next couple weeks gathering supplies to last their next attempt at finding Allie.

Jayx decided it was time for Zeldamon to finish her training in the ways of nature during this time. Communicating through the wind, sensing the shift in the branches of the trees around them, and meditating. "Meditation with an item of a lost one will lead the mind to that soul. If you are meditating for peace, that is where your soul will be led." Jayx instructed her.

As they began the meditation, Zeldamon immediately felt a familiar presence. It almost made her soul burn. Thinking it was the item she held of Allie's, she put all of her focus into that feeling. As the warmth in her soul grew to a painful level, Zeldamon became aware of Jayx's fingertips on her wrists. As she opened her eyes, interrupted by the pain, her whole body became cold and she backed away from Jayx. "Who are you?" she demanded.

"I felt this feeling before, when I was sick and new to these worlds. I thought it was just the illness, all the feelings I had, but this one... until it became hot... felt good, familiar in a way." Zeldamon sat still in the meditation stance, waiting for Jayx's reply, but she had gone pale.

"She spend all that time in Darnassus, swearing she could feel her... I... I can't believe I didn't recognize you... I thought for sure you were gone... We've been looking everywhere for you." Jayx wasn't making much sense, but as the cold left her body, Zeldamon couldn't help but understand. The memories that Lyfe had probed were flashing before her eyes in the form of her lost sister.

Her stomach turned as soon as she realized, "Allie..." she whispered. "How... how could I be this blind?"

Alucardia (Allie)


Alucardia cried out loud as an unfamiliar feeling came from inside her. She felt the baby kicking and moving, warming up; then suddenly going cold. She tried to stifle her cry, as she feared the baby may be coming early. As she stroked her engorged stomach, she sang sweetly to the baby, who seemed to still be moving. She could feel that the baby was searching for something, and she tried to put her daughter at ease as well as her own growing anxiety.

Allie stood up slowly, checking to see if anyone had hear her shout, and when she was confident that no one was coming, she ran to her bathroom and lay next to the bathtub, weeping silently. Eventually, exhausted, she lay sprawled out on the floor... unconscious.

She woke to Luda standing over her, checking her pulse and shoving salts into her face. Immediate nausea hit, and she spent the next several minutes dry-heaving nothing over the bath until she blacked out again.


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